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I recently started a new job at walmart. plus i go full time at my college, plus i run a small business on the side. current schedule is like this: Sundays: work pretty much all day mondays: work pretty much all day Tuesdays:school in am then headstart to house, then naptd trying to clean house and do homework. Wednesdays: school then clean house and do homework Thursdays: school then house and homework Fridays: school all morning work til 11 pm and saturdays work all day. Since this started almost 2 weeks ago, my daughters behavior has taken a downhill turn. Last week I got maybe 10 hours with her in a week. My husband and I always said that she would be raised by us not by daycares. Well she spends sundays and mondays while i work with my mom tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays while i have class with daycare and fridays and saturdays with his mom. I will not reduce my schooling because that is what will be most beneficial to my family in the long run. I really want to reduce my hours at work but i am afraid being so new there. Any advice would be great :)


Amy - posted on 09/07/2011




I work retail as a manager and if someone reduces their hours after they've been hired I usually let them go. The reason being is I hired them based on their availability they put on the application so if they said they could work weekends anytime and now they can only work till 3 that's not what I hired them for. You can try talking to your manager but you're right they probably aren't going to be understanding or sympathetic but you may get lucky. If it turns out I was right you can always leave it as it is and start looking for another job but be upfront about what your willing to work.

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