All day every day!

Susan - posted on 11/20/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




Some days are some days! Nothing like working all day to come home to the house of 5 and clean-up, pick-up, drop-off, wash, cook, read this and sign here!
Hope the appreciation is realized in the aftermath! LOL


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Regina - posted on 11/20/2008




I hear ya I have 4 I mean counting my husband that makes 5. I go to work all day then come home and usually have to cook dinner then clean it up do the laundry and put everyone to bed and no down time for me. Then he wonders why Im not " In the mood"

Amanda - posted on 11/20/2008




Amen, sister!! LOL. The average day begins at 6 a m and doesn't slow down until 9 pm. That's 15 hours of running running running!! Why is there something new to read and sign EVERY SINGLE DAY?? It doesn't help for me that I'm director of the Y After School Program, so I'm responsible for homework for 25 kids each day!! If only they were at the same grade level or even the same schools........

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