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I have two part time jobs , one of them I do from work as a Local Childcare Coordinator for an au pair agency. I work from my home office when the kids are in school and at night after they go to bed. When I visit new families I do it mainly at night or on weekends, and for au pair meetings/training, I do it on weekends as well. I also work for a Non-Profit organization and go to the office twice a week (while the kids are in school). For my coordinator job, I dress up a little when I go and visit families and give training, or for the au pair meetings; otherwise I can work in my pajamas in my office at odd hours. For the other job I wear business casual and turn in my working hours every two weeks.

I know most of the Moms in here do the whole 40 hours completely outside the home, thus considered "Working Moms". Can you tell me if I would be considered a working Mom or a Stay-At-Home Mom? My husband drops the kids at school and I pick them up everyday. I volunteer at their school twice a month and the kids really don't really feel that I work, since most of the time they see me here. It's hard sometimes when I get business calls and we are in the middle of doing things, but I mainly offer office hours at night, so I'm available for the children.

Thank you, I just want to make sure I'm in the right circle.


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I'm like yourself. I have my own business which i run with my Mum plus another business with my husband. I work around the kids as best I can. I drop them at school and pick them up, and am lucky to be able to attend their sports carnivals and special events at school, as well as be there in the school holidays, so to them it's like I don't work. I do a dedicated 1 day a week with my husband and am just about to start doing two days. My business is slotted around the left-over available hours, mainly when the kids are at school (although I still have a 2yr old at home) and night. I'm lucky that my Mum looks after the day-to-day running of the business and is there to look after the kids when needed. I know that my business could be so much more successful if I had more time to spend on it. It's only lately that when asked if I work, i say "yes, I do" as for so long I didn't consider it to be work as I am my own boss.

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Well, all moms are working moms but I would have to say that yes, you are a working outside the house mom as well.

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