Am I crazy or is this normal?

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Well, to make a long story short. I was working full time, quit my job to marry my second husband and move where there was no family. Then we get preg with my third child and he had a job sending him back to Iraq. Mind you this was supposed to be a good thing. We bought a house and everything well. A year ago he wants a divorce. I have been able to still stay at home but pretty much have been a single mom this entire time to three kids. Well, I am going to school and a Tax class with my 2.5yr old at home with me. I am starting work pending a few tests to get this job but I am feeling horrible that I am looking so forward to working because I have been home for so long and can't take much more of it!!! I love my kids don't get me wrong but I can't wait to work! I am hoping it is because I know my youngest is SO VERY able to stand up for herself and won't take anything from anyone so I will know if something is wrong! I was just reading how everyone is feeling bad about going back to work and wanted to know if I was the only one excited (to an extent) about going back!!! My oldest is terrified about me going to work because she remembers me working, girlscout leader and going to school as a single mom. Now we are sorta doing it again. She is still in scouts but I am not the leader ... and my son is in sports! I don't know if the house will ever get clean again but the hours I am hoping to get won't disturb the kids too much and it won't even seem like I am working (to them)!!! Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions!!! Tara


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Hi Tara: Wow, first of all, God Bless you that you have managed three children alone. You deserve a break and that's what your job will be!! HAHA, funny but true. I have two year old twins and stayed home for 3 months on maternity leave. It was so hard going back to work and not being with them BUT as they got older and mobile and I was doing it all, working, taking care of them (most of time although they do have a great Dad, Mom's always do more) cooking, cleaning, I couldn't wait for Monday's to come to go to work! It's a mental break and it's perfectly normal to feel that way. My children are my world and will stay or or leave work if they ever need me. It doesn't mean you don't love them, it just means that Mom's need a break too and with that break, you will be an even bettr mom. So, do what you do for your kids but also remember that you need time for yourself AND the adult conversations are a nice break too!!! Good luck to you!

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