Am the only one here with teen kids? If not, how ya coping with the teen mood swings?? =(


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Mariamu Momo Aiko - posted on 09/15/2009




Thanks Evelyn for those encouraging words =)
When people complain about babies and sleepless nights I wonder which on is the worse.
Thank God they don't dare to talk back to me, is just that the CONSTANTLY nag nag nag and on each others neck I can't handle =( oh yeah not to mention how they NEVER get to do/have ANYTHING. I'm sure I wasn't like this at that age,or 0_0??

Ones again thank you/xxxx

Evelyn - posted on 09/15/2009




I have three teens! A 12 yr old boy, and 14 and 16 yr old girls. They are my step children, but live with us full time so We get the brunt of all their attitudes. Basically We have just adapted to giving them ultimatums. If they do something we want they get what they want. If they throw an attitude, They get Ignored.... If it's aimed at one of us, they get stuff taken away. Cell phones are the biggies. They hate the cell phones taken away! And they hate it when they can't go somewhere. If they throw an attitude at one of us, we don't let the go where they want. My 16 yr old stepdaughter is the biggest culprit for throwing attitudes at both of us. She always has something snotty to say about something. If it's food, I tell her not to eat it if she doesn't like it! Shrug... :) This may have helped or may not have helped but at least you know your not alone in the teenage attitude fight. They will get over it someday, but usually not as soon as you'd like!

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