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I'm having alot of trouble dealing with leaving my son home while i go to work.. i work 7 pm to 730 am 3 days a week and my husband is a stay at home dad, after he got laid off. i want him to stay up all night whlie i work so i can call and check up on our sleeping baby..he is now 7 months old, it didnt start off this way, it just seems as the weeks go by it gets worse and worse and im starting to drive both of us nuts! and he thinks that i dont trust him.i get terrible anxiety around 4 in the morning. i want to know where our son is sleeping, how many times he's gotten up, etc.. and i KNOW that he's been sleeping all night.. my doctor prescribed me xanax but that didnt help and i dont want to have to take piills to make me feel better... any advice on coping with anxiety at work??


Gwen - posted on 02/05/2009




sounds like you already know you are going a little overboard!  I totally agree that it's hard, though, leaving your bby overnight regardless of who it's with.  But I feel sure dad is completely capable of soothing baby back to sleep, lol.

Would it make you feel better to put a webcam in his room so you can actually SEE him sleeping? 

Get hubby to set some paramiters, like he will call you before he goes to bed, or if baby gets up in the middle of the night, or whatever.  That way you are still in the loop, but hubby isn't ready to throttle you when you do get home, lol!

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