anxiety about returning to work

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im a first time mom, my son is going to be 3 months by the time i return to work.. its coming up very very soon..and everytime i think about having to leave him my heart aches/races, and i lose my breath a only going back to work 2 days a week my sister and my aunt are babysitting so thats nice but its for 12 hours.. thats a terribly long time.. i havent been away from him longer then an hour or two ...on top of it all im breast feeding.. i just need a little adive on what you ladies did when you went back to work.. maybe a little boost of confidence or somthing i just know im a mess about it..


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well thank you ladies so very much! i hope i do realize that being gone at work is for the best.. i really do apprieciate all the words of wisdom

Nicole - posted on 11/26/2008




Hi Chelsea, I understand your anxiety about working but I am sure he is in good hands :) I worked outside the home with my oldest 2 children but have been blessed to be home with my last 2 thanks to a work from home opportunity I found. I feel truly blessed. If you ever thought about working at home I'd be happy to share it with you. my email is THanks and good luck back and work. Nicole

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I think it's wonderful that you have the opportunity to stay home 5 days a week and on top of that have your family to care for your son the remaining 2 days. I have set up a similar situation; however, I will be at work 3 days a week. I am not anxious about leaving him, but I will miss him terribly. I'm going to continue him on breast milk, so I'll be pumping at work. Luckily there is a woman who preceeded me in having a child that also pumped, so the precedent has been set. I will be sure they know my intentions anyway. I agree with Stacy that you will realize your love and appreciation for your son can go even deeper than you imagined when you return home from work. I wish you the best!

Stacy - posted on 11/25/2008




You will be FINE!! He we be in good hands. I have 3 boys, ages 8, 5, and 2. I feel that it is great for me to get a break from them, and great for them to get a break from me. I know it is hard when they are little, but you won't be far away. If there is an emergency, you can for sure leave work to get to him. I think you will realize how much you appreciate and love him by spending a little time away from him! Just imagine when he starts walking and can run and meet you at the door at the end of the day with a huge smile on his face! It really makes you feel loved! Good luck to you, I hope you can make it work!!

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