Any advice for a mother dealing with 3rd grade girl drama. My 9 year old daughter is, bullied, teased, bossed around and has very low self esteem. But only at school!!!!I have talked to the school and she is now seeing a counselor. How much worse are girls going to get????


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Jamie - posted on 11/15/2017




You need to read this.

Stay in contact with the school counselor via email and phone weekly. Humans are horrible and the girl is mean because she is afraid of not being as good as your daughter. Fear is the motivator for bad behavior unless she is a sociopath. Your daughter has something special about her that makes the mean girl nervous and jealous. These are fear based emotions.

Jaime - posted on 01/24/2009




Gosh, it starts early these days! I'm sorry to hear that your little one has to deal with this at such a young age. Girls can be soo mean! I would definitely talk to the principal about these girls again as they need to nip it in the butt now rather than later. What does her teacher say? Is or has anything been done with the girls who are bullying your little girl? Did the school notify their parents? I guess I would start there. I definitely wouldn't let it continue. If these girls start at 9 and are able to get away with it, can you imagine what they will be like at 14? My oldest daughter has come home with little petty things like, "so and so said she wasn't going to be my friend anymore." I just tell her that " true friends don't treat other friends like that and if they continue then they are not your true friend." I also try to point out other friends she may have and tell her to avoid the "bullying girls" until they are going to be nice to her. Luckily, It has worked so far and the girls (so far) are now nice to her. Glad to see you are trying to boost her self-esteem. Hopefully, the counselor will have coping skills/tips for her..Hope that helps--lots of luck!

Sarah - posted on 01/24/2009




hi.... i really do feel for you and your daughter with what she is going through.... when my daughter was in senior school (14yrs old) she was asked out by a boy who one of the other girls (who happened to be 1 of her best mates) fancied....Until then my daughter was very popular and had many friends however, this lead to a group of about 5 girls bullying her. It was so hard for her, they would call her names and pick on her constantly. even waiting outside the school gates at home time. I never knew any of this until she suddenly developed a bad stutter and her hair started falling out.... it was only then that she opened up to me and told me what was happening. I was distraught... I went straight to the school and although they had a word with the girls it still continued to the point that the school would let her leave 5 mins before the end of school so she could get home before they got out. But this wasn't enough as she still had to suffer them during the day and it was getting worse. In the end i informed the school that i wanted all the parents of the other children brought in and informed what their children were doing..... I kept my dauhgter off of school for 5 months while this was being done. Then she went back and the girls started talking to her again 1 by 1..... withing a few weeks of her being back everything was fine. But she will always remember what she went through. i wish you and your princess all the luck.... dont let them win.... she's better than that. even if you have to change her school. x

Lovie - posted on 01/24/2009




As u know mom they get worse. But as long as you prep her to understand that everone is Not her friend an not everyone will like her (which sometimes is a good thing) , but regardless of the facts she has to stay true to herself and not cave to the pressure and hate from others she Will be just fine. My daughter now till deals with it to she is more physically developed then some and the other girls react to her negative when in certain situations (around boys) :0 So mom just make sure you let here know nothing is wrong with her and she is not the problem they are.

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