any suggestions to get son to pay better attention?

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My son is 17 months old and has an amazing attention span with his toys, but I struggle to get him to sit with me to read a book, even a short story. I worry that it's because I've not been consistent with reading to him on a regular basis. I've also noticed kids in his toddler's class at church (who are about 6-8 months older) will sit and pay attention to the teacher when she's telling a story, but he's off playing, doing his own thing. Is there anything that I can do to help him pay better attention, and sit and read with me more?

Along with the not being consistent about reading, I have also not worked with him very much on his body parts, the only thing he knows is his nose. I am trying to work with him more, but again, because it's not what he's interested in at the moment, he won't hang out long enough for me to work on these things. Any suggestions?


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Our boys are very similar. My two eldest (8 and 3) didn't like you reading a book to them unless it was something they are interested in. This was also the case with almost anything. Unless they wanted to do it, they didn't do it or made it very hard for you to get them to do it.

My 8 year old can sit for hours and play and do the things that interest him, though if he is not doing something he wants to do he can be very difficult even now. Though now he has been diagnosed with Autism. (Which this kind of behaviour is very common).

Not to say your son has anything wrong with them, though the one thing I have learnt with finding this one and whether they have autism or not. Is if you want a child to do something or learn something you need to make it fun for them. So whatever he is interested in, you need to do it around that. For example if he likes transformers read books about transformers, learn the body parts off the transformers. They learn on their level.

Secondly the other thing that works very well, is rewarding them. So if he can only concentrate for 1 minute, do something for 1 minute then reward him. Then each time you increase the time you do it for. Rewards can be playing with their favourite toy etc.

Though if you are really concerned about your sons development it may be worth speaking with your doctor about your concerns.

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