Anyone ever consider leaving full-time work to spend more time at home?

Anita - posted on 09/21/2012 ( 10 moms have responded )




I'm wondering if a non-profit could help a professional woman who would LIKE to spend more of her time with her family, what kind of help would you ask for? If you ever wanted to stay at home (even part time) what stopped you??


Brianna - posted on 11/04/2012




I would love to stay home with my daughter. it absolutely kills me to leave her to go to work every day. But my husband and I need my income to survive. If somebody would pay me to stay home my life would be perfect :)


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Teena - posted on 07/30/2014




I hesitate to believe a broad statement such as " you can't support a family on one income." There are too many variables. Such as, what kind of income are you bringing in and where is it going? If you're spending one half of the income to put a child in daycare then there's changes that can be made. If you need to work to make two car payments and a credit cards then there may be some room there. Is it possible the same people who tell us you can't support a family on one income are the same people trying to sell us the latest gagdet, gizmo or car insurance policy? Do these same people have a vested interest in keeping us harried, over-worked and guilt-ridden so we buy convenience products and expensive vacations and the such to make up for the time we spend away from our kids? Some people have to do what they have to do; every Mom's situation is different. This health insurance mandate has me scrambling for answers (which is how I found you wonderful folks)- but anytime I hear a "you can't" statement I gotta find out "why can't I"?

Alyssa - posted on 11/06/2012




Im a stay at home mom and i left my full time job to be home with my daughter but yes as most of us know you cant have a living off one income these days so i started a home based business which is booming right now my team is on fire and i love to show families how to turn an expense on products they alredy use into an income esp woman. we ladies love to have our own time but yes love the precious moments spent with our babies and you cant have both worlds. With Arbonne I do and would love to show you how to aswell. if your interested in hearing how to build your own business from home, dicate your own schedule, help others and turn it into a six figure income just like many other woman? please connect with me im hear to help all of you and would love to guide you.

thank you


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I was forced to return to work this month. I would jump on the chance to be back home with my kids in a heartbeat. I hate being away from them. But food on the table is more important. Thankfully my husband is a part-time stay at home dad, and my dad watches them for the 2 hours our work schedules over lap.

Last week I actually cried because I didn't get to see my 10 month old son.

April - posted on 11/04/2012




As soon as I had my son in 2005 I started the exhausting search of being home with him but like most people living on one income was not an option. Then in January of 2011 I lost my job and there was a sense of urgency not to go back to work. My determination led me to what I do now and I have been so blessed to make more money from home than my corporate salary and had my second child In March (2012). I am now able to help others with the same mission. Never looked into the non-profit option so not sure how that would work. ;)

User - posted on 11/02/2012




I also would have loved to stay home with my kids (as would most of us) but I don't understand how families can manage with only 1 income. We live a pretty moderate lifestyle and my husband and I each make about $45k annually now. Before I had my first son I worked 80 hrs bi-weekly (4x10hr shifts/week). After going back to work I cut down to 3x10hr shifts/week and after the mortgage, student loans, cars, gas, heat, groceries, etc we were barely getting by. After having my second child I went back to work 70h biweekly, 3 shifts one week, 4 shifts the next. This has worked out best for me. I am making enough to get by with a little for emergencies but still have 7 out of 14 days off with my children. My husband and I also work opposite shifts so the kids have the benefit of always having a parent at home and not going to daycare (also a big $ saver.) I haven't heard of any non-profits that help moms stay at home but if you cut back on your hours you may be in a different pay bracket. If you make little enough you might qualify for WIC or financial assistance in your hospital bills also it may put you in a lower tax bracket.

Chalita - posted on 10/11/2012




I would have loved to stay home with my kids. I would love to stay home with my son right now but, I need the money. I am a single mother with no support from his father or anyone else. By all means if you can afford to do it, go ahead. It's the best thing a parent can do for their child. Will you get help from your job, I doubt that very much. Unless of course your job promotes that sort of thing. Why don't you ask them if you can telework a couple of days out of the week?

HollyMcfarland - posted on 10/09/2012




I just went down to part time at my job for the summer. I wanted more time to potty train him. It didn't take long to realize that I was falling behind at work. It was like taking on 2 full time jobs, the potty training job was priority in my heart my bills seemed to pile up much faster. Needless to say the potty training isn't complete and it is time to go back to full time. I'm not sure that the part time was a good move? I will say that I did enjoy my time with my ill man! I need to enroll him in preschool this year and I'm not sure that they will allow him due to the fact that he is not fully potty trained? My suggestion is to pay all of your bills at least 3 months in advance and make sure that you have some emergency money stashed if you go part time so that your full focus will be on your child.

Anita - posted on 10/07/2012




Yes, but how much help would a non-profit have to provide to make it feasible to drop to part time, I know every case is different, but knowing the benefits of a mother being more available if she chooses to be, makes it a feasible mission.

Jessica - posted on 09/24/2012




Do you mean you are wondering if you could get financial help from a non-profit?

I would love to stay home with my kids. Probably could never stop working because I do love my career, but I would love to drop down to part time. What is stopping me is that I need money and have massive student loans and also I'm in the process of getting a professional license so I need to maintain a certain amount of hours.

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