anyone trying to get pregnant with number 2?

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okay, so my husband and i both work full time and are trying to get pregnant again (my daughter just turned 2) it's hard enough for us to find time to have sex once a week, let alone to schedule it around my fertile times...on top of that, it took us several years to get pregnant the first time because i am extremely irregular (i've had 5 periods in the last year). any suggestions on the best way to tell i'm ovulating and/or ways to fit in sex while being a full time working mom?


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I am reading a book they came highly recommended to me called, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It's a great book and teaches you how to chart YOUR cycles so that you can see when YOU are's easy to do and everyone I know that has followed this book has had success. It teaches you a lot about your body that I certainly never learned and dispells the myths that are out there about when "everyone" ovulates. It specifically talks a lot (and tells many case studies) about women who are irregular - I can't recommend it enough!

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I don't have any breakthrough tips, but I can relate. We are also trying for number 2, and both work full time. We haven't managed to conceive yet, but the time of day that works best for us to "give it a go" is first thing in the morning before our daughter wakes up. Also of course ovulation test kits work to predict your ovulation - that worked for me the 1st time around.

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don't know if it will help but I'm a member of a site called - I'm also trying for #2 and find it hard to make the time plus have irregular cycles!! I take my BBT every day which has helped me have more control over my pattern, I also use OPKs to help pinpoint ovulation. Plus the site has all kinds of other help and advice.....
Hope that helps?

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