Are their any mommy's who are resume writing pro's?

Latosha - posted on 01/13/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Trying to rejoin what is left of the work force would love to have an experinced resume writer take a look at mine and give me some adivice on writting a WINNING resume


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Amy - posted on 01/14/2010




Your resume will differe depending on what type of job or field you are in. You typically want to have a cover letter with it (a MUST if your applying for a profesional job). Then depending on what field your in the order of sections may change, you want the most important things at the top of your resume.

Career Focus with an idea of what you are looking for. For me it was: "Use and expand database and web development knowledge. "

Then Professional Profile section should be short section on a few skills you have that are specificly relivant to the job your applying for. For me it was: "Creative problem-solver, analyze business needs and create websites that interface with databases and improve productivity on multiple levels."

Next I have a Technical Skills (this will vary depending on the field your in). If you have a lot of different skills feel free to categorize them. I have mine categorized by software, operating systems, Programming languages, etc.

Key Projects is very important, you should take 3 or so things that you've done that could show that you have the skills. This could be things from classes you took, things you did as a stay at home mom, or at a recent job. Here is an example: "· Lead programmer, for several new websites and site redesigns. Worked with other departments to set up, design, test, and launch successful websites. Trouble shouted problems and involved the necessary people to fix the issues in the shortest amount of time. Managed several projects at once, some with close due dates." I also had mentioned creating a computer science organization in college. If there is something you have been doing while off that is relivant, then put it on.

Then list past Jobs, and the basic information about them, don't need TOO much deail as if there is something that relates to what your applying for you can add more detail in the Key Projects section.

Then last add School and any certifications. If you were like me and went to three different schools before getting a degree, then add just the school name, major, and year completed. For example:
Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI
BA, Computer Science and Mathematics; 2007

When your done, you need to look at your resume for 30 seconds, and see what stands out. Try giving it to someone to look at, give them only 30 seconds, tell them what job it's for, and see if things stood out that are specific to that job. There are so many people turning in resume's, they don't have a lot of time to look at them, if the important stuff stands out on yours then there more likely to take a few extra seconds to look at it or pass it on to the next person. Also make sure that grammer and spelling is correct. I had two spelling mistakes and one grammer one and was told by a hiring manager that in some places that could cost you the job. With using the tips you gave me, I was able to snag a job very quickly (although being in the IT with only 3 years of expierience put me at the advantage in the job market as that's where a lot of jobs are).

Good luck!

Latosha - posted on 01/14/2010






Professional Profile:

Highly accomplished professional with diverse experience poised to transition solid background in entrepreneurship management and customer service to excel in a challenging management and/or customer service position in a fast paced environment where I can utilize previous experience to advance and grow with unlimited growth potential.


Outstanding team leadership, administrative management, and conflict resolution skills. Exceptionally organized and disciplined; well-developed interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate and direct others in a supportive, cooperative team environment. Business administrative expertise; coordinate with management, cross-functional teams and vendors in the execution of daily tasks and functions. Generate and maintain records and reports, secure equipment and supplies, and comply with all administrative polices and regulations.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Strong analytical capabilities; highly effective in problematic situations

• Able to function effectively in a high volume professional atmosphere

• Self-motivated, able to receive and comprehend written and verbal instructions

• More than 8 years of experience acting in a managerial role


Dierbergs Markets, St. Louis, MO, July 2008 – March 2009; Machine Operator

Extensive knowledge of raw materials

Operated bakery equipment

Production processes and quality control techniques to maximize manufacture

Estimated daily production determine variety and quantity of goods to bake

Package product for shipment according to company specifications for retail sale

Busy Bear Childcare, St. Louis, MO, 2001 – 2008; Owner/Director

Received and maintained Licensure through the Missouri Beau of Childcare

Managed the daily operations of the daycare

Conceptualized and implemented a marketing plan

Designed print materials for marketing and operational purposes

Processed and recorded the daily accounting transactions for the daycare

Created and executed a parental communication strategy


Webster Groves High School, St. Louis, MO, Graduated 1999

Saint Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, St. Louis, MO 2002

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office Professional 2003 & 2007


Professional references available upon request

Bradi - posted on 01/13/2010




Hope this helps you! Submitted by in partnership with Circle of Moms:

Jill Levine has been a freelance Recruitment Consultant for 13 years, hired by large Corporations to fill their open positions. She is an expert at resume writing, interview preparation, career coaching, people management and matching qualifications to job requirements. Lucky for us Jill shares invaluable advice for those looking for work!

How should moms account for a gap on their resume?

Gaps on resumes are usually a red flag, but can be explained on the resume in this format. “Raising Children- 2004-2007”.

If there are several gaps, the resume will be less appealing.

Is it appropriate for women to ask for part-time hours when the employer is looking for full-time?

If a candidate is being represented by a headhunter, the headhunter typically gives Human Resources or Hiring Manager, a heads up that the candidate is looking for part time, or Alternate Work Arrangements, (AWA). IF the candidate received the interview on their own, I advise them not to bring up Part Time status, until there is a real interest in their experience. Most companies seeking Full Time employees, will not consider part time. (It's different for mom's who are already working in the company, with proven success)

What type of references should be expected?

References have changed over the years. Most companies check date of employment, salary and reason for leaving. Smaller companies may check business references, which are given to them by the candidate. (Sometimes a legal issue)

How can women develop an effective resume?

The format is most important. This will take time for me to explain. Top line is, not too wordy, show job stability, show upward mobility such as promotions, eliminate unexplained gaps.

Please share some interview tips?

Speak confidently, be animated and answer the interview questions with examples, so hiring manager is clear on what you are trying to communicate. Refrain from going off on tangents and wait for the interviewer to finish the question, before answered. Make sure you are well prepared with knowledge of the company and any new press release that you can speak to, on the interview. (All info found on Google). Ask if you have the skills desired and what the next steps are and always reiterate how interested in the position you are!

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