As a working mom, do you get help?

Katherine - posted on 04/12/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Does your spouse help you? Do you do all of the cleaning, cooking, putting your kids to bed? If not who does?

I do all of it and I'm separated so I get no help.


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Candi - posted on 04/18/2012




My husband is very helpful around the house, I'm pretty thankful about that. He does all of the yard work but he'll help with dishes, laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. He does the vacuuming though because he's kind of weird, it has to be done a certain way so I let him have at it, LOL.

Mommy - posted on 04/17/2012




My husband is wonderful and helps so much. On the days when I work late, he picks up our daughter, and he feeds her and, if need be because I will be VERY late, gives her a bath and puts her to bed. He does not cook, but he will help straighten up, do dishes, laundry, food shopping. A few things I do to make my life easier, and to help him out when I'm not there, is I cook for the whole week on Sunday afternoons, so all he needs to do is heat things up. I also try to straighten up throughout the week, but do a thourough cleaning on the weekends.

He doesn't look at it as him doing me a favor, he sees it as we both work hard and we both need to pitch in around the house. It also gives him a chance to bond with our daughter, and I know he loves that!

Patricia - posted on 04/16/2012




We all have our strengths/weaknesses. I am pretty OCD about how the home is kept and he isn't bothered by dirty laundry and dishes. Therefore, I end up doing most of the inside detailed work myself because I like it clean daily to stay sane. The whole family sits by the TV in the evening and it is a great time for the kids to help fold laundry. Since we all get home at different times, I make dinner in advance and we all wash our own dishes/clean up after ourselves (including the kids).

The few times I let things go a little, I noticed him stepping up and helping more than usual. After 16 years, I learned that I could either nag everyday and make everyone unhappy or I could have a routine to minimise the housework and If it has to be my way, live with doing it myself. He is a handy type of guy (I am not all). Therefore, he does is able to save us $ by doing alot of work himself (like putting in new flooring, unclogging pipes, and such). He also does most of the yardwork and is in charge of taking the kids to their extra curricular activities. It is not always 50/50 but in the end we work with our personalities and strengths to get things done. Now that the kids are older they help do the extra things I don't always get to like cleaning windows.

Katherine - posted on 04/16/2012




Yep. My ex used to let clothes pile up because he was *afraid* to do the laundry. Excuses, excuses!

Abigail - posted on 04/16/2012




Alittle, bit but no more now than when I was home! I still cook and plan EVERY meal. He puts clothes in the washer/dryer and lets them pile up for me to put away on the weekends.

Kay - posted on 04/12/2012




I do the heavy duty cleaning--he would be hopeless cleaning toilets or scrubbing baseboards and I am sort of obsessive about it, lol. But he is a huge help with getting laundry done (he won't fold it, though) and with the dishes. He picks up the kids toys and helps with vacuuming. I think we split it pretty fairly.

I should say, though, that it was not always this way. There was a while where it was pretty much all me, all the time. Finally, I told him that it was just impossible for me to keep going at that pace. Had a serious mini-meltdown. Since then, he has done much better.

Amy - posted on 04/12/2012




My husband is home from work right now for medical reasons but typically he works nights so I normally do the night stuff by myself. But he's on dad duty during the day by himself. Now that he's home he puts the two year old to bed I put the 6 year old to bed, we alternate dinner but he's a horrible house keeper so I feel like I'm still stuck doing that when he's the stay at home dad.

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