Baby food- when to start meat?

Terri - posted on 05/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




When did you start your baby on meat? Also, I don't want to use prepared "baby dinners"- any suggestions that are quick for a working family? I have a 5 year old, but this stage is a blur, I can't remember what I did in this in between stage! Thanks!


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Barbora - posted on 05/19/2009




Hi Terri, they say don't start before your baby is 6 months and once you start, start with chicken and fish first. Also do not give formula or breat milk when you start meat, as it decreases iron intake for about 50%! My daughter is 5 months and 2 weeks and i started to reduce her lunch milk intake and introduced a tier system of feeding ( half milk, solids, rest of milk ), so by 6 months this milk feed will drop and i'll give her water or well diluted jiuce with her lunch.

Hope it hepls anyway. barbora

Stacy - posted on 05/18/2009




I started my baby on meats around 6 months, but he wasn't too fond of the jarred meat. I now use a baby food grinder and pull the meat out of the meal I'm making for the rest of the family before I season it. I feed him veggies and or fruit with the ground meat. He loves this better.

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