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Brenda - posted on 02/11/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My after daycare babysitter is quitting.

She wants to blame it on my almost 5 year old son's behavior (admittedly, there are some issues there that we are addressing) but there are some other underlying issues as well [she has a family with 4 teenagers and her husband is mad that she is not home with dinner prepared for them at a decent hourbecause she is at my house instead, and there is a major language barrier between her and the kids]

I feel that we have been nothing but nice - extra gas (and Happy Meal) money every week, paying her for days we neglected to tell her we didn't need her, letting her take the kids to her house occaisonally and me having to drive out there to get them, etc.

She came highly recommended from friends and is normally a house cleaner. I think the transition to nanny for us was not very smooth for her.

How do 1) find a new helper to get the kids home from daycare since I work full-time and DH doesn't drive, and 2) get over the guilt of her thinking that the reason she wants to stop working for us is my son's behavior??


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Relax not all kids and sitters mesh well together. When my daughter was little she was dismissed from a sitter for crying all the time. Which we found strange as she cried at home. ANyways we took her somewhere new and she was a wonderful kid no problems and the provider loved her. so maybe they mesh well together.

Martha - posted on 02/16/2009




Visit to search for child care anywhere in the United States, or to find a local child care resource and referral agency.  The site also has other children/family information.  Finding and keeping high-quality child care is always a challenge!

Jaimie - posted on 02/13/2009




Hey, not all people will get along with everyone. We all meet people that we don't like, just because we don't. That extends to sitters with kids, You don't want to have someone looking after your child that does not want to. As for guilt about your sons behavior...relax, do what you can. He is an individual, perhaps a strong willed one but an individual none the less. You can't control everything he does or all of his behaviors. Keep on working on it. As for how to find a new afterscool sitter, maybe threr is a high school in your area, a teenager can maybe walk over after school. They are sometimes the best people for the job, bonus they usually have the same school holidays as your kids. Good luck.

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