Bad behavior at Preschool!!!

Alicia - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 5 yr old in his 3rd year of preschool due to age restraints (and I know he's a little bored). I keep getting notes sent home from school about how terrible he is. He hits other kids and attempts to hit teachers, he covers his ear when teachers give instructions, he is very angry and refuses to listen to anyone. At home, he's great! The worst I get is an evil look or a stomped foot when he's mad. (I don't put up with anything more) I know he's got a case of "only child syndrome" as well as "dead beat dad issues", but what can I do when he's not with me to correct this aweful behavior. I can't make the school crack down any harder. Yesterday, I took away all violent toys until things change at school. This includes guns, power rangers, ninja turtles, and the like. I've had millions of talks with him about it with no luck. I'm at a loss, and I want to get this fixed before kindergarten next fall! WHAT CAN I DO???


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Marci - posted on 10/17/2013




I have a almost 4year old (he will be 4 on November 10th) with the same behavior issues, I have him seeing a child therapist which was shoved down my throat by my son's other school. The da after my 1st visit with the therapist WE moved our son to a different school with video cameras in all the rooms. The behavior my son was accused of on a daily basis magically disappeared. He does have a problem with expressing frustration and patience but the uncharacteristic aggressive behavior still hasn't showed up.

Janice - posted on 05/06/2010




Is there a way that you can get him in a program that is a little more challenging. Kids often act up when they are bored.

It's funny, your son acts up at school but not at home. I have the opposite problem. My daughter is an angel at school but acts up at home.

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I think you've said it yourself, he's bored. My elder son went through a phase at nursery of having terrible tantrums, lying on the floor lashing out, that kind of thing, when he was generally a nice boy at home. The trouble was that that particular nursery really didn't stimulate or challenge him... Once he started at school (he was 4 1/2), I had one bad day with him (I was teaching at the same school at the time!) and after that he calmed right down.

Maybe you need to talk to pre-school about this too? Is there any way they can use distraction techniques to fend off the worst of his behaviour? Would giving him little responsibilities at school help? My younger son really struggled at school to begin with, but once he could do things like brushing up after lunch, or giving things out, he got on better.

(I'm making my boys sound terrible - but they're not, honestly!)

The other thing you could try is reinforcing the positive, and doing it one day at a time. Get his teacher to start a behaviour book which comes home every day, and if he manages to be good for a whole morning, or a whole afternoon, then he gets a toy back, or an extra 10 minutes' TV, or something that will motivate him.

Good luck! He won't change overnight, but I think you have a positive attitude about getting it sorted before he starts proper school.

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