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Amanda - posted on 07/11/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My oldest son is 5 and a half years old and still pee's the bed at night. I do put pullups on him otherwise it's a huge mess. I used to set my alarm thru out the night to wake him up and have him go but I talked to his pediatrician about this and she told me to stop because I was wearing myself out and I need to be alert and healthy for him. She did say that he would just stop on his own when he's old enough. He doesn't do it every night but in a 7 day week he probably only has 2 dry nights. I do reward him in the morning if he has a dry night with a quarter and I don't allow him to drink anything like an hour before bedtime and make him go to the bathroom before he lays down. He's starting kindergarten this year and will be sad if he can't go to sleep overs because of this. Any suggestions?


May - posted on 07/11/2009





My son is 7 and he also has the same problem.He pee's 3-4 times a week.

I talked to a children psicologist and she said that he will stop when hes ready.The same your pediatrician told you.

I used pads for his bed,so,as soon as he feels hes starting to wet he gets up and goes to the bathroom.Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

I dont think its a lot of help,but its my own experience.



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Felecia - posted on 07/13/2009




I myself am looking for a way to stop the bed wetting. My daughter has recently turned 8 but she does have a problem. She is a kidney failure patient that was broutht back to life twice before reaching 1yr old, has had surgery on her left kidney twice and has had her right kidney completely removed by age 2. So, drinking water (not juices or other liquids is more important than solids and this is where our problem lies. We are from Trinidad in the West Indies and the whether is always hot so, she is always consuming water. So, if anyone has some suggestions for me, It would surely save me $300.00 and more is GoodNites pullups each month. Being a working mom, I have tried the getting up by 11pm then at 2am and taking her to the bathroom (for the last 2 yrs) but between 4 & 5am the bed is still wet and I have not gotton enough sleep to get through the day. I wish I could get her to stop wetting the bed and wonder how old she'd be before she stops. Her urologist and nephrologist told me she stop in time, to give her some more time after all she has been through. They don't do my laundry, the pampers dont hold it all, she sometimes uses two for the night. Anyone finds a solution please let me know.

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