breastfeeding and working\

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how do u fit in working and breastfeeding so it doesnt affect ur work to bad.


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you might check the laws in your state...I THINK there are laws in most states that dictate a nursing mother's right to pump at work. I'm sure if you just talk to your boss, you can work out a good schedule. Just like Trice said...a lot of people take multiple smoke breaks a day...there shouldn't be a problem with pumping. And, I think most states have a law that says they have to provide you a private place to pump that's not a bathroom...check into it! Contact your local La Leache League for help!!

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I have a pumping schedule that I have worked out with my boss. I come in a little early in the morning and pump, I pump at my lunch break and then again right before I leave for the day. Once you get proficient with using the pump, it only takes about 15 minutes. The way I see it, there are people in my office that take several smoke breaks throughout the day so my boss shouldn't have any problem with my pump breaks. Most work places are required to provide nursing moms with a private, sanitary place to pump. I think it depends on where you work. I have an office job with over 100 employees so they have to give me a place to pump.


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I pumped three times a day at work; once on my lunch break and two breaks (mid morning and mid afternoon). Invest in a good double pump (you will get the money back by saving on formula), and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. If you have a private office, you can get a halter to pump hands free and actually work while you pump (I have done that occassionally). There are tons of great tips at I was really struggling to produce enough milk until I found that site; after I started following some of the tips, I produced plenty of milk plus extra to freeze everyday.

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I just finished pumping at work. A whole year of doing it twice a night. My employer gave me a hour a night that she allowed me to break into 30 minute breaks. I would breastfeed before I left the house then 3 to 4 hours later pump and 3 hours after that pump again. I use my bosses office, its the only other place besides the restrooms that don't have cameras. Though that was only required til they made a room specially for pumping.

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It is easier for some than others. My first job, I was able to make time, no big deal. My second child, I had to make time, and others didn't always appreciate it. I just told myself it was for the good of my child. It is possible, but not always easy. Whatever you decide, its a personal decision, and I wish you the best!

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