can babies teeth before three months old


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Sharon - posted on 03/21/2009




My son who is now 22 years old cut his first 2 teeth the day he turned 3 months old and had all but his 2 year molars by 11 months. I thought since he cut his teeth early they wouldn't be as strong and would have a lot of cavities, but I was wrong he is 22 and still has no cavities, as for my daughter who is 3 she didn't ge her 1st tooth until she was about 8 months old

Becky - posted on 03/21/2009




I guess really babies are starting the process from birth (even before birth with some babies being born with teeth!).

The teeth have to move up through the gums so it causes discomfort. My daughter got all her teeth very quickly, she never cut less than four at a time! My son however only has 8 teeth at 1 years old, however he currently has 5 sat right under the surface.

They all do it in their own special way! Just get some bibs to help keep their clothes dry and some toys designed for them to hold and put into their mouths to chew on. Teething gel is good.

Glendy - posted on 03/20/2009




teeth can grow from inside the womb till up to a year old most babbies show signs at 3 months, i used antsons and parsons powders into mouth its herbal worked brilliantly

Jen - posted on 03/20/2009




My daughter started teething at 2.5 months. Like Emily said, some kids are born with teeth. Even if you have an early teether they probably won't get a tooth for a few months. My daughter got her first tooth at 5 months. Now, 10 months later she has all but her 2-year-old molars which I expect will probably come sometime in the summer.

Emily - posted on 03/20/2009




Yes, but it is pretty rare. I actually know one baby who was born with three teeth! My youngest dd exhibited all the teething signs at 3 months old, in fact, she lived in bibs for months because of all the drool. She was seven months before she got one which was actually later than her big sister who had absolutely no symptoms.

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