Changing toddler's childcare provider (concerned)

Sheryl - posted on 08/11/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just a call from a licensed childcare facility/early learning school that they have an opening and will accept my daughter in September. I initially paid a registration fee back in March, but they didn't have any openings, and the tuition would have been $1,100/month for my daughter's age, which I could not afford--I'm a single mom. Normally, I would still have to pay this amount until my daughter turns two on November 25. However, they agreed to let me pay the 2-year-old amount in September, which is a much more reasonable $300 every two weeks (this is double what I pay now for care, but is still very reasonable for my area).

Sorry to be so long-winded, but here's my dilemma--I'm nervous about how my daughter will adjust. Have any of you changed your toddler's provider at this age--21 months? I have to remember why I wanted to change her provider in the first place: she's in an unlicensed home now with a woman who cares for 3, sometimes 4 other children, plus my daughter. She recently started watching a 2-month-old, so now this makes 2 infants, my daughter, a 2- year-old boy (he's there 80% of the time), and a 3-year-old girl (she's there 90% of the time). I have had some issues with diaper rashes and her not changing Sydney enough, but this has gotten better. She has an adult son who used to be there ALL of the time, which I didn't like, but that hasn't been a problem for several months. Sydney is learning some things there, but she's also watching too much TV and staying indoors too much (which it has been hot lately, so this is okay). I want her to be around other children her age and have some structure to her day and be able to go and play on the play ground at day care and have field trips--she has a lot of energy.

So, why am I feeling guilty? She loves Ms. Maggie and I'm nervous about moving her now. She's usually the child who just jumps into the mix of things when we go somewhere where there are other children and toys. I was planning to move Sydney in December after she turned 2 or possibly wait until next spring when she's 2 1/2. Am I crazy, why am I so nervous all of a sudden?? I feel like she's going to kindergarten! Lol This is an early learning center that she can stay in until 2nd grade.

If any of you have changed your child's provider at a young age can give me some feedback on the transition, I would appreciate it.




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First off, this is hard for you and you need to just acknowledge that. Second, daycare is daycare and school is school. In my opinion you are paying a daycare provider (especially one in a home setting) to watch your child which means some television time, outdoor time, feeding, changing, naps etc. My son went to an in home provider from 3 months until he turned 2 1/2 years old. I was on the waiting list at the school he is currently in for 9 months. The transition is tough but it does get better. It took my son over a month to adjust to the new environment. The best thing you can do is take her there for a tour, introduce her to her teachers and really talk a lot about all the special things she is going to learn and do there. Then, be prepared as there is a good chance she will cling to you and you will just have to give her big hugs, kisses and say goodbye. Make sure you call a few times the first couple of days to check in on her. Know that this is NORMAL. She will do just fine. Make sure you send her to school with her own blanket and maybe you can buy her a special "big girl" stuffed animal and give it to her her first day so she can take her nap with it. Big hugs...its tough but you will be amazed at how much they learn and how quickly it happens. My son was in the nursery at his school (he is 4 now) for a little over a year. He knows more Spanish than I do that!

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