Day Care and bottle feeding worries

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Hi moms,
I am starting day care with my daughter next month who will be five months. I started getting her used to a bottle around 8 weeks. She's taken a bottle from me, my husband, and mom but only a handful of times. She's now just playing with it when I try giving her the bottle. I've read that sometimes only other's can give her the bottle but I am still worried she'll starve! Also, I haven't left her very much with my husband because she's so attach to me already and cries most of the time while I am gone. I am so worried she's just gonna scream the whole time in day care and refuse to eat =( Please offer me some reassurance!!!


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Hey Johanna
I didn't breast feed so my little girl was use to the bottle, but she wouldn't eat solid food with me. However, when I picked her up the first day I sent cereal with her the personnel told me she did wonderful with the solid food. I wouldn't worry about that too much! They are professionals and will make sure she eats.
Unfortunately, I had to put my little girl in daycare at 6 weeks because I was a full-time student. They are so wonderful though. I called every couple hours and for the first few weeks tried to only have her there while I was in class. My mom would go pick her up early some days. I guess because everything was new and different; she really cared less about me! :) . I agree with Marcy though; you should try to separate yourself from her a couple hours a day so it won't be such a tremendous transition for both of you! My grandmother came in town the first week of school and watched her while I went to class. This made it easier for me to separate myself because I knew she was in good hands. It made it so much easier to take her to daycare!
Good Luck!

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Brace is going to be tougher for you then for her. I went back to work after 3 months and it was hard for me. My kiddo had a tough time taking the bottle but he did becasue he was hungry. Here is your reassurance....your daughter will develop a routine at daycare that is different than the routine at home.

Perhaps you can arrange to bring her for a few days the week before you go back and leave her there for a few hours. I did this and it helped. I went down the street to Babies R Us and cried but the next day I went to the spa.

The toughest part is the drop off and pick up. I am a huge attachment parent and don't believe in letting them cry it out or leaving them when they are miserable. Unfortunately for the first few days it is going to be a tough transition. Try and bring a blanket she is used to or one of your shirts and feel free to call every few hours...good providers are used to moms doing this and won't blink an eye.

Just take it day by day....good luck!

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