Day care center complaing that my friend's 4 month old wants to be held too much.Has anyone experienced this? It's 3 babies to one teacher.


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Jen - posted on 02/17/2009




I know in Florida where I live the legal ratio is 4 babies to 1 teacher so if there's only 3 babies then your friend is doing good.  My daughter started day care at 4 months and she had some trouble adjusting and wanting to be held all the time. What they did was sent her up to the office so that she had some one-on-one time with the directors in the office. It helped and after a week or so she was fine. When the teacher's are having a bad day they will say that a child just wants to be held all the time. Even if it's true the baby will out grow it and the teacher will be able to get the baby on the routine that she feels comfortable with. If the center continues to complain, I'd tell your friend to search for another day care.

Kim - posted on 02/17/2009




3 babies to one teacher is actually pretty good...but there is no such thing as holding a 4 month old too much!  They are probably complaining because they're trying to do too much when the babies are awake and active.  Maybe they could put the baby in a front carrier or my daughter's daycare they have PLENTY of staff available who love to hold babies!!!  I would ask the director or tell your friend to ask the director what the policy is regarding schedules and to stress the importance of cuddle time with babies that young.  They need it for their emotional health.

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