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We are in need of a new Daycare. This will be our third do you know a good daycare is a good daycare. I have toured 2 and will have my 3rd tour soon. Any suggestions?!


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I had alot of probs when my son was a baby. I put him in a daycare at work since I was breastfeeding so I could run there on breaks to feed but they were always short handed and had a bad turn around rate on employees, with infants they have to have a familiar face around to be comfortable. I would do surprise pop ins and always found something I was not comfortable with. I took a couple days off and went to about a dozen centers walked around and made a list of questions for them, I then went to a site forgot what it was but its the states inspectors site to see how they inspected and then based my desicion on location.. the one I selected was awesome my son started walking at 8 months they all knew him by name and was potty trained in his early 2s, he's almost 3 knows his colors in english and spanish and shapes and has great verbal skills. Its hard to get away from work but its a comfort knowing my son is happy with his surroundings

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Are you looking for a "Daycare Center" or "In Home Daycare"? A lot of things make a good daycare here are some thing to help you get started. I run a daycare also.

Identify your Priorities- First, decide what you want.  Do you want your child around lots of other kids as he would be in a center or just a few (more likely in a home daycare)?

Personal References- Ask Friends and family who they use. They can help get the word out for you, and personal references are the best kind.

 The Home or Center is - Does it feature safe indoor and outdoor areas and equipment? Does it have orderly, clean work areas? Now not all daycares are going to be clean 100% of the time if  b/c they are taking care of your child/children and most of the time use  nap time to do a deep clean if they are a in home daycare but in general it should be clean.

Visit and Interview-Pay attention to the caregiver-child ratios. Ask about everything from hours, fees, and vacation schedules to philosophies on childrearing issues like discipline, feeding, and sleeping. Get a schedule of the day's activities and the center's/home policies. Pay attention to your gut feeling and how the director/caregiver handles the questions.

Check References- ALWAYS CHECK THEM.

GENERAL--Is there a license or registration certificate on file, if applicable? Are the rules clearly explained? How is good behavior encouraged? Are other parents visiting or involved with children? Are children allowed to get dirty naturally through play? Are any children left out? Do you see laughing, caring, sharing, and generally happy children?


Here are some sites you may find good childcare at


What's your gut feeling about the place? Usually, your first instinct is the one to follow.

Is staff friendly and do they greet you when you come for a visit...even an unexpected one? Do they seem genuinely happy to see you or view you as another issue to deal with?

Do you hear signs of happy and/or busy children?

What types of meals are served and would you eat them?

Is there a curriculum and frequent parent feedback?

Do they all know CPR



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