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Hello everyone, Until the 4th of june I was a stay at home mom. I had to return back to work and because of that I had to put my nine month old daughter in daycare. I visited all of the four daycares in our immediate area and found two that I liked out of four. One of the two had a waiting list, so I went with the other. I loved it everything was going fine my little girl loved it there never cried when I left. The lead teacher in the infant room is pregnant and has gestational diabeties. Because of this she has missed a lot of days in the past week. So other teachers have had to cover for her. The ratio for the infant room is 1 to 5. Everyday this week there had been more than 5 kids in that room but no more teachers. So yesterday when I picked up my little girl around 5:30, She was the only one in the infant room and she was sleeping. When i picked her up her hair was soaked, her clothes, There was a puddle under where she was laying and I immediatly said something to the teacher that was in there. Well this morning when i dropped my little girl off and said something to the assistant director and she told me that naybe someone had turned to air offf and that she waould keep check on it. The same covers were on the bed that she was in from the day before and then this afternoon someone had changed her clothes and her clothes were not in the bag and her diaper was so soaked that it had went threw her new clothes before we could get home. I am at the point where it is either quit my job or .... I dont really know what else anyone else have any ideas/ suggestions?? Thanks everyone


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Denise - posted on 06/18/2010




i worked at a daycare here in pa and the infant ratio is 4 to 1. the fact that you have stated are horrible. the daycare i worked at wasnt wonderful (i have since left) but that would never have happened. report that to the dept of public welfare and pull your daughter out of there immediatly! talk to the other daycares in your area and see if they could help you out even for just a few days. it might be worth it to broaden your search a little bit to find a good daycare you trust. (one tip i reccomend if taking a half day at work and randomly stopping in to pick up your child. it will show you what actually goes on and their attirude on your arrival will give you a hint on how they like your child.

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I understand you, I'm in the military and we only get 6 weeks of pregnancy leave so I had to take my son to daycare when he was only 2 months. I did the same thing I looked at all the daycares close to work and home, I found one that I liked a lot and took my son there, the very first day I left him there when I went to pick him up his diaper was soak and he was so hungry that he drank his milk really fast when we got home. I was so mad that the next morning I talked with the manager and went to talk with the teachers that were in the room that day and they said that he refused his milk so they just didn't feed him. The manager was very mad and promised that it wasn't going to happen again. After that it got worst and I went looking for home care and put my 2 weeks notice and got my baby out of that daycare in less than a month. Moms know what's best for their babies and things like that lets us know how irresponsible they are, just think about the things that happen when you're not there. I hope everything works for you.

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That sounds bad! I think you should go back to the director and check the other daycares again. Do you have family who can watch her for a few days? I totally understand that you have to work, and I understand your distress. I had a really hard time adjusting to having my daughter in daycare and I didn't have serious issues like that.

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