Daycare or Preschool for an agressive toddler???

Melanie - posted on 02/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My almost 2 yr old is quite energetic, and sometimes agressive with kids around his age. He's in an at home daycare with 4-5 others ranging in age from 0-4yrs 2 days/week, but I need to increase to 3 and I'm wondering if a more structured "preschool" environment may help? Any experience with this? THANKS!!!


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Kelly - posted on 02/10/2009




Yes! I believe that structure helps children w/ high energy and aggressiveness. My daughter is the same way (she has an older brother that she has to hang with). My daughter has been in a structured environment at school and boy can I tell when she gets home and lets go of that stored up energy, but she learns from her decisions and the discipline (time-out) and not being able to participate and watching the others around them also help them learn. I highly suggest structured environment. It has really helped for me...I will see how she does when she starts school this August. Another thing is a structured preschool will teach more than home daycares, because there are more resources out there for them. I hope this helps!


Jessica - posted on 02/10/2009




I would say yes because that will give your child a way of learning to play and interact with other children...

Felicia - posted on 02/10/2009




I am going to take a stab at this, so I am guessing. I would say preschool, because it is more consistant than a daycare. I have noticed that preschool have more of a structured setting than a daycare and are a little more formal. Kids associate more with schools, it gives the big boy/big girl feeling! Schools tend to teach them more than a daycare. In preschool they are more uniformed and the children learn how to do things by watching how other children act.

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