Daycare Pickup - Transition Issues?

Mary - posted on 04/24/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello all. I have tried to work this one out on my own, but still losing sleep over this. If you can believe it, my feelings were hurt this week by my 12 month old. She is a very outgoing and loving baby, has always developed healthy attachments with other adults in her life, and really enjoys being around other children during the day. She attends a family daycare with a wonderful caregiver that loves her as her own, and I made my peace with sharing her months ago when I went back to work full time. (As long as I remain her #1, of course!) However, at one of our pickups this week something that I never thought could happen - did. When I arrived she was all smiles and happy to see me, and her caregiver continued to hold and fuss over her as we talked about baby's day. This part is always tough for me because I want to grab her and squeeze her as soon as I see her, but usually I wait a minute or two until her caregiver hands her to me. On this particular day, when she did hand her to me, my daughter arched her back, made protesting sounds, and reached back for her caregiver! I was devastated. My husband told me that this happens frequently when he handles the pickups, but it has never happened to me before. Also, that only marked the first of a series of tantrums to be endured before the evening came to a close - after a reportedly "very happy day" no less. She even carried on while nursing...what is going on? Have I lost rank?


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Hmmm. . . Droppped in rank, NO!! Mommy is always #1!! This is likely to happen every now and then. Your daughter might have been enjoying a fun activity and knows when you get there it is over (my 2 yr old has seen me walk into the daycare and yelled no, go away, Mama," which is upsetting!! I try to just get excited about something that is interesting to the child. . . hopefully they forget they were upset and give you the mommy lovingz you know you deserve!! AND don't let baby know you are too upset! When the talking starts, you never know what to expexct!! (Kids also tend to generalize, so don't freak if ur daughter refers to another woman as "mom" cuz in ur daughters eyes she may be a mommy person, but REAL MOMMY IS #1!!

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