Do all bruises mean Child Services in London?

Heidi - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




What a day!! We are 2 single mums that share a house in London. My housemate has a 3 year old girl that goes to a nursery during the day whilst we both work full time.
The daughter is a tiny little mite, with lots of gusto and bravery and your typical redhead! Lots of attitude and not much thought for consequence! She has the palest of skin with beautiful bue eyes. My point being that most 3 yr olds I know love climbing, playing rough and are a tad clumsy?? yes?? Well, today... the nursery called child services because of bruises of arms! And Child Services reacted immediately, coming to the nursery and having a meeting with my friend, who was called away from work. They then came into our home to investigate the living circumstances and fridge and food cupboard etc - Leaving happily when they realised a very loving home that we are! All very unpleasant and traumatic - no matter how nice the people involved are! Yes, they are doing there job and in this case - thankfully, a misunderstanding - I think anyway! And yes - amazing they reacted nice and quickly! They have arranged for a full medical check up to be done in the morning....
My question is... do most fair and light skinned children bruise very easily? Is there a medical reason? Anemia?
Has anyone else had this experience before? Any ideas or suggestions?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Heidi x


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Julie - posted on 08/11/2010




sorry this happend to you! I was a competitive fencer and when I was 12 old enough that I should have been asked! a teacher saw bruises up and down my arm and calf( i was learning epee annnyway) I got called into the principal's office and there were two police officers ! I had to take off my shirt I tried to explain what the bruises were I was crying It was horrid!!!

Angela - posted on 08/11/2010




My kids are very pale and they may not bruise easier than other kids but every single little mark shows up on their skin. If I pick up my baby to put her in the bath, she has a clear red mark where my hand and fingers were. My son also has mongoloid birth mark on his lower back, which just looks like a big bruise! I was terrified that some teacher would see this and assume it was a bruise, so I always sent a note in his school notebook explaining what it was! At least I have a written record with the school about it, in case anyone gets overzealous! My 3 yr old is always covered in bruises. She cant sit still for more than 2 seconds and is always running into things or tripping over. Just normal 3 yr old behaviour, as you said.

Yaima - posted on 08/10/2010




It's funny you should mention this. My kids don't have pale skin, however they bruse everytime they go play at the park. And that actually went through my head once, that someone might call the services on me. :) OMG.
I don't think, however, it should be a sign of anemia, knowing her physical description you just gave. But if you still have doubts have her have some blood test done.

Melissa - posted on 08/10/2010




Wow! Sounds like quiet the's good to know that your child protective services are able to respond quickly to a possible emergency - although I would bet it has been quiet disconcerting for you and your friend, and the child! Having had children's services on my doorstep once, I can understand your concern and anxiety over having been put through this process.
I don't think that there are any true medical reasons for fair/light skinned children to bruise more easily. But I have found that children in around 2-5 generally bruise more than others because they're coordination is not great - they're still pretty clumsy! And they tend to be far more adventurous and get into all sorts of trouble. I'm sure if you looked your friends little one probably has bruises on her knees and possibly her hips or backside too....any bony prominences tend to bruise because there is no cushioning when they fall.
Take care.

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