Does anyone feel bad about leaving their little one to go to work or school?

Tonya - posted on 01/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Whenever I come home from work or school I feel like my little guy misses me alot & of course I miss him. He is 3months and my husband says when I leave all he does is fuss for him. I dunno if he realizes when I leave him, or if he's just more comfortable with his mommy? Does anyone else feel bad about this, and what can you do to make leaving him easier for both me & him?


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OMG, sometimes i leave crying because as soon as i put my coat on or grab the keys, Aiden will run to his room and get his coat, cry and look at me like im the most disappointing and horrible person in the world, and when i get home he is waiting at the gate for me to get upstairs! he is only 17 months so he doesnt understand why mommy leaves so much. sometimes he'll cling to me if i am in my work uniform even, but we work and go to school to help our children, and later in life, they will appreciate the dollars! lol!

Shirley - posted on 01/28/2009




It is never easy to leave and go to work or school, just make sure that when you are at home with your little man make ever moment count. I have a six year old, and I have to explain to him every once in a while that I have  I love and that I go to work  so we can be to live comfortably. 


some times I will take a day off when he don;r have school so we can have a day to ourselves.

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