Does anyone get tired of being a mum and wish they could be alone with their husband again without any kids?

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oh definately,my problem is i work 5 nights a week,so would love some time alone with my husband on the weekend,but then feel guilty if i dont spend it with my kids,its a little tricky

Jenny - posted on 01/25/2009




Sure, I think that feeling is completely normal. My husband and I send our daughter to grandma's house to spend the night once every month or two and just enjoy every minute of our alone time. It's really important for you and your hubby to find a little time for yourselves. It keeps your relationship healthy and ultimately that is very important to your children's well being.

Jessie - posted on 01/25/2009




No way. I love my kid right to death and i honestly can't remember life without her. My fiance and I have a wonderful relationship and get to spend plenty of time together, may not be alone, but we are a family now and thats what familys do. Shes our everything. We started yound we are only 23 but our lives are complete, Owning our own house and having a family is what we always wanted. I would never wish to have no kids just to be alone with my hubby.

Lisa - posted on 01/25/2009




yes definatley.  My hubby and i went on our first holiday together since BC (before children) It was so great. we thought about each other it was romantic and great.  Yes i think about it all the time. I feel guilty about thinking how great it will be when the kids have grown up and left school but i think it is normal. It helps that i work and actually do something other than be my childrens mum. i know that it is important being a mum but i have never been a mum to have a coffee and chat.

cheers hope this helps



Angela - posted on 01/25/2009




Yes!! Definately!!! And I truly believe that it is healthy to do so!!

My husband and I were just in a wedding in Cuba and decided to not bring our 1 yr old, she isn't walking yet and it would have been too much work and with both of us in the wedding just too hectic and well not a we did the 'awful parenting' thing of leaving her with my parents....she went to Florida with them and had a ball, we got pics everyday while we were there and updates and she had a blast and guess did we:) We didn't quite realize just how much we needed to be together alone for more than a few hours on a date night!!! Highly recommend it:) We all came back rested and super excited to see and spend time together!

Michelle - posted on 01/25/2009




Quoting Sarah:

Does anyone get tired of being a mum and wish they could be alone with their husband again without any kids?

You must allow time for you and your husband every now and then -

1. find someone who can babysit and just the two of you go out alone - even if it is just for a walk
2. once ur kids have gone to bed at night - just the two of you sit and chat (no tv or work)

3. If you are able to find someone to sleep over at your house or are able to send your children to someone elses to sleep for a night or two - you and your husband can have some quality time together. (Make a grandparents night - I have a friend who sends her kids to her Mom every Friday night - builds a great relationship with grandparents)


We have find that having our time away from the kids grows the relationship between us - this makes you happier and this lends to a good atmosphere at home and your kids will benefit from a happier mom and dad too. (My husband and I will be married 19yrs this year and our children are 15 and 12)


Theresa - posted on 01/25/2009




Definately! We had our kids really quickly. We got married on our 1st anniversary, our 1st child was 10 weeks old and unknown to us at the time i was already 4 weeks pregnant with our 2nd!! We really feel like we missed out on the whole dating thing and holidays. We now have 3 kids, oldest turned 5 yesterday!! We absolutely adore our kids but really miss 1 on 1 time together. We managed to get all the kids with other people for a night between christmas and new year and went and stay in a hotel for a night. 1st night off for 5 years, we just slept and slept and slept, felt like a waste!


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