Does anyone have any tips for time management?


Ashley - posted on 04/11/2009




I have a white board with the days of the month on it, I write all my things that NEED to be done that day in Red and things I want to be done in Green.  I do one week at a time unless it is an important day coming up.  I have my Day planner that I keep in my car and make sure to put all the NEED to be done things in it. as far as house chores they are green I pick 2 -3 things that need to be done a day.. If i don't get it all done I don't worry about it I do what I didn't get done the next day.

I also leave for my appointments so that I am half hour early any place.  I live buy the hurry up and wait rule. I always have in my purse ( by the way if is not a bag purse I do not buy it, must double as diaper bag)  kids toys, diapers wipes and books for my self to read and my  I Pod ( if you don't have one you should invest in one).I can watch movies, and listen to music and even keep my agenda in it.

I hope some of this is helpful!

Mary - posted on 04/11/2009




I don't know your exact situation but I am a working mom of a 3 year old, a 4 month, and a husband that might as well be a kid. lol. The best thing I can say is make sure you have time to enjoy your kids and family. The other stuff can wait. Do something special for yourself at least once a day. Maybe while the kids are sleeping...take a bubble bath or enjoy some chocolate. If you are a new patient. It'll come to you. The adjustment time is the hardest part.


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