Does your 4 year old always ask you to play?

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My 4 1/2 year old ALWAYS asks me or someone else to play with her. I feel bad that I can't play with her every time she asks. I am a working mom and I'm usually always cleaning, preparing meals, or getting some household chore done. Do you play with your 4 year old all the time? I often ask her if she wants to help me do what I'm doing but usually she wants to do her own thing, with me following her around and that just doesn't work. I'm curious as to how other families function. She has been an only child until almost 3 months ago. Thanks!


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Naomi - posted on 05/29/2010




i think marcy has it right. telling her what the plan is always helps. make sure she knows she's important and that you ARE going to play with her, just let her know what you need to get done first. I find too, that if my daughter plays in the same room i'm working (usually the kitchen) we can talk back and forth and she feels like i'm part of her pretend game. its hard, i work full time and only have the evenings with her before she goes to bed and the weekends. good luck!

Marcy - posted on 05/26/2010




I have an almost 4 year old little boy who is the same way. The only way that we function is with some kind of routine. Typically I pick him up at school at 5. When I get home I have to make dinner. After we eat and clean up then its together playtime. If you stick to the same routine everyday it does make things a little easier. I do feel bad though sometimes he wil be sitting on the floor playing trucks and ask me to come and play with him. Unfortunately its just not possible all the time. Perhaps telling him what you are planning for the night might help...something like "When we get home mommy is going to make dinner. After dinner we will play XXX together.".

Besides getting dinner on the table and cleaning up I leave the rest until he goes to bed or first thing early morning. Its important that we eat but the laundry and cleaning can wait.

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