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I'm, going back to work next tuesday after over a year off with my 2 children. While I laways thought I was a career woman since having my first child in 04 all that has really changed. I wouldnt like to give up work all together but another couple of years off would be great especially in their early yrs when they change daily! Anyway unfortunately we have quite a big mortgage and I couldnt afford a career break at the moment- but just feel so guilty leaving them- I know all mothers feel the same (well most anyway) my sister is minding them for us which is great as she loves them like her own. My little boy is 1 next sunday and I suppose I done well to be with him every day for his first year. He is such a good little baby-and really smiley maybe if they weren't both so content and adorable it wouldnt be so hard leaving them! anyway this feels like some sort of therapy writing this down-I havent been sleeping great over the last few weeks with D day approaching and was in such bad form yesterday I nearly ate a box of chocs to myself! I know it will take a bit of getting used to its just a big chnage for us all - any advice on coping with the change and guilt! is very welcome xx


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I know how you feel, I only have 1child and have only been home for 4 months but it was really hard leaving her, especially when I have to wake her in order to take her to my aunt. Even though you dont want to leave them you can have peace of mind knowing they are with family that loves them & after a hard day at work the best feeling is coming home and seeing that they are thrilled to see you. I was dreading it & even though I really wanna be home with her it felt good to be back at work. Hope this helps a little, take care & good luck on your first day back!!

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