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Crystal - posted on 06/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son started daycare about a month ago and everything was fine at first but it seems like all of a sudden he noticed i wasn't staying with him and has been getting upset when i leave so i tried getting there about 15 minutes early so he has time to adjust while im there but that doesn't seem to be working......any suggestions? oh and fyi hes fine within like an hour and i can check on him via camera throughout the day and nothing bad is going on


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Aerica - posted on 06/09/2009




My son went through it already, came out of it, and has just started it again. I give him an "all day hug" (biggest bear hug imaginable), an "all day kiss", then 'love you, i'll be back in a few hours', and then put him down and walk away. the teachers at daycare are pretty good about having the distraction ready and some are available for extra hugs if he's just having a down day. give extra hugs, tell him you'll be back, and then leave. it's a phase.

Stephanie - posted on 06/09/2009




My son is still like this to an extent. Like Jessica said staying longer seemed to make it worse in our case. His teacher usually just takes him from my arms and takes him to color, play ball, or anything. He's usually stopped crying before I get out of the building.

Jessica - posted on 06/09/2009




Kids go through attachment phases and it's good that you try to settle him in but sometimes the best way to leave is just to leave. Tell him you love him and mommy will be back to pick him up then hand him over to Miss whoever and leave. I have had to do this with al my children and they adjusted just fine. It will get better but staying longer sometimes makes the situation worse because in their minds you might be staying. Hope everything works out and just remember this is one phase of many and they all pass with time.

Stephani - posted on 06/09/2009




my daughter did this for about a month and a half. he will work his way out of it.

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