Easy meals for 14 month old?

Jessica - posted on 06/19/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I was wondering if anyone has some simple meal ideas for a 14 month old. I feel like I feed my son the same things all the time. Plus I am going back to work in September and need easy dinners to throw together when I get home. My son is somewhat of a picky eater. He does not like bread, crackers or any hard type foods. He will eat chicken, meatloaf, pasta, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, etc.

Thanks for any input/recipes I can get! :)


Jamie - posted on 06/20/2009




I just posted this site to another question, but I think it can help you as well- has simple recipes and ideas:



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Eva - posted on 06/22/2009




Mac and cheese, fish sticks, kids meal in the freezer section at stores that have a pretty looking box and dessert. The picture might peak his interest to eat different stuff. They take a few minutes to cook. Also lunchables.

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I have the gerber meals, chef boyrdee(SP), lunchables, frozen veggies, meat sticks, the small containers of fruit. For breakfast we have quick waffles or pancakes. I hope this helps

Marie - posted on 06/20/2009




What about pre-cutting veggies and meat for stir fry. Then when you get home all you have to do is throw it all in a wok or hot fry pan, do up some quick noodles or rice and you've got a full meal. My 13 month old LOVES my stir fries. I throw in things like pineapple or mango at the end just to make it interesting - or mandarine oranges.

There's a cooking show called Fixing Dinner which gives you a full week's worth of meals and provides the weekly grocery list to go with it - of course it doesn't include breakfast and lunches, but it's a great resource for meal planning in busy households (including a recipe for the busiest of nights the host calls "fright night").

Courtney - posted on 06/19/2009




I give my daughter Gerber meals...they are in yellow boxes and have pretty much the full nutritional requirements for toddlers!! I do those when ever I work and daddy os left to cook...which it would be all cookies and chips if he was left to fend for himself! Lol! And I use them when she is with a sitter. Any other time, she eats what I eat. Hope I've helped!!

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