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Yvonne - posted on 07/11/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey, After working a full week, it comes to saturday and even though your wrecked you still want to play with your little Diva... Any suggestions of activities that you can do at home with a 2 & half year old?


Abby - posted on 07/17/2010




That is such a fun age. Here are some suggestions:
* Toddlers like to put things inside of other things and dump them out. Cut a hole in the middle of the lid of a clean coffee can or plastic margarine tub. Let the toddlers put clothespins, thread spools, and big hair curlers through the hole.
* Make play dough. Mix 3 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 3 tablespoons oil, and 1 cup water together. Add food coloring for color. Let the toddlers use jar lids, clothespins, and popsicle sticks to cut and shape the play dough.
* Children love to play with water. Fill big buckets or tubs with water. Give the children soap chips, measuring spoons and cups, plastic bottles, butter tubs, and sponges to play with in the water. Put towels or newspaper on the floor so the children will not slip on the wet floor.
* Toddlers like goop. Mix cornstarch and water together. Let toddlers play with it in a bucket or in bowls with cups and spoons. Make the goop thick or thin.
* Ask your local appliance shop for a free refrigerator (or other large appliance) cardboard box. Cut doors and windows in the box to make a playhouse. Toddlers can draw on it with crayons or "paint" it with water and big brushes or sponges.
* Toddlers like to draw with short, fat, unwrapped crayons. Give them paper bags (you can tear them open to make large sheets of brown paper) or large pieces of heavy paper to draw on. To help them draw, tape the paper down so it does not move.
* Let toddlers tear old wrapping paper. Then have them paste the pieces to make a collage.
* Have toddlers finger paint with shaving cream mixed with food coloring. They like this mess.
* Toddlers like to jump. Put pillows, cushions, or a mattress on the floor.
* They can use some swings and low slides at the playground.
* Most toddlers are just learning how to walk and run. Go for lots of walks.
* Let the toddlers practice climbing stairs with your help.
* Toddlers also like to play house with dolls and housekeeping props such as plastic dishes and spoons.

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