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Bonnie - posted on 09/22/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am looking into the essure procedure after the birth of our third child. I would love to hear anyone's experience with it: the procedure itself, how are your periods after the procedure, any side effects that you noticed, how you feel about your decision to get it done. Thanks!


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User - posted on 10/23/2012




Thank you for your help! After a lot of thinking, I've decided to just get an IUD after this baby to give me some more time to make a final decision. It's not that I want more children just that psychologically I'm not ready to get fixed yet. Maybe when the IUD is up in 5 years I would consider it again.

Emily - posted on 10/22/2012




Im about two months post procedure and three months postartum. Other than the pain/pressure during the procedure it wasnt too bad. I went back to work the next witj mild cramps but was able to function as a server. Only thing that truly irritates me is im still bleeding. However that is most likely from the depo shot.

Katherine - posted on 09/23/2012




I had an ablation done instead. Less complications. I don't want anything in me and that's why I chose that route. It's up to you though. I would REALLY talk to your doctor and make sure this is the right thing for you. Do some research also. Check out the web on ablation's too.

LISA - posted on 09/22/2012




I did not have the essure but I did get my tubes tied same difference just different procedure. first I would advise you to read about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS) it is a debate weather this is actual side effects or not. I honestly think that it is because I had all of them only after my tubal. When you are messing with your natural precess always be aware of all possible angles. Unfortunately PTLS is treated with birth control and that usually doesn't work. I can't afford to get mine undone and even if I could mine is the completely irreversible kind. I would do it in a heart beat not to have more babes but to relieve the side effects. I had to research a ton of all natural herbs to help relieve the horrible side effects which is like menopause with a period and depression. finally I came across a herb called Vitex which regulated my hormones and every other uncomfortable issue I had. PTLS includes the clamp kind of ligation which I would assume is about the same as blocking your tubes off.

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