Eviction, unemployment, How do you deal with that plus 3 teens?


Sheri - posted on 02/06/2009




That is a lot to handle! Especially if you end up moving in with family- then your role is harder. I think the best thing is to sit them all down together and be frank with them. I've been talking with my kids about the possibility of a depression and what that means for everyone. This caused them to question how secure we are (answer- paycheck to paycheck, no parachute) and how we'd cope if jobs were lost, etc. We may never get to that point- but if we do they'll have time to deal. Some empathy for others is also important.

While you can only focus on food and shelter, kids are old enough to work by age 12- even if it's babysitting or yard/house help. This (hopefully) will be for those things you can't get them. They may have a hard time with it- and dumping on you may be the first response- especially if they are secure in your love- because you are the person who will forgive them.

No matter how bad things get- if they are alive and healthy then things are better than you think. That's what really matters. Tell them you need to work together on this and ask them for suggestions. This is a learning experience for them- and it helps a lot if they are given a chance to do something of which they can be proud.

And whatever you can't handle by the end of the day- give those worries to God to handle. Whether you believe or not it helps you to rest easier when you put the burden down.

No matter what- they will look back on these as "the good old days".

Good luck. Sheri

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