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How do you know how much milk a breastfeed baby will need when being fed from a bottle?


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Kristine - posted on 02/26/2009




My baby went into the day care at 11 weeks & she was drinking approx 4oz bottles (breast milk). I left 5 bottles with her and she typically went through 4 of them in the 10 hours she was there. As the weeks passed I asked the teachers to let me know if she started to drink the full bottle and still seemed like she could take more. At this point I would add an oz to each bottle. My baby is now 6 months & she goes to school with four 7 oz bottles & some jar food & cereal.

Brydget - posted on 02/26/2009




She will be just over 3 mos when I go back. I looked at how much a baby being fed formula should be given but was told that breast feed babies tend to drink less than formula bubs hence why I came here to see what everyone else did :)

Marie - posted on 02/26/2009




I've always fed Alexander (who is 9 months now) all from one breast per feeding (never switched sides). After 3 hours (next feeding time) I pump out the other side - usually giving 3 to 5 ounces) I use a Medela electric/manual pump (I can pump for 10 minutes to get most of the milk then pump for up to 20 minutes to empty the breast). If I pump BOTH sides I can get upwards of 7 ounces at the noon pumping, or 4-5 oz at the afternoon/evening pumping. Depends how long I'm gone to the office.

I have Medela number 2 nipples and a 4 pack of spare bottles, as well as the Avent manual pump and bottles. Alexander will take 5 oz in a feeding. Now that the's getting solids he'll get 3-5 oz plus 4 tablespoons of cereal (DH adds 2 tablespoons of apple sauce).

Alex was getting 2-3 oz when he was wee and that hasn't changed much.

Ghada - posted on 02/26/2009




i guess you will need 2-3 oz per every pound of his/her weight through the day, which means if your baby weighs 15 pound ( for example ) then she will need an average of 2.5 x 15=30 oz through the day, so if you breastfeed her 7 times for example then she needs 30/7 =~ 4.3 oz per each time, but every baby is different, so you have to try and to see if she still hungry of she is full after you give a certain amount. and good luck :)

Rachel - posted on 02/26/2009




When I went back to work full time the daycare centre gave Troy who was 4months old then 150-200 mls first then gradually increased it to 250mls.. How old is your bubba?

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