Finding a new job while early in pregnancy. Help?

Dyami - posted on 11/08/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am early in my pregnancy and have been looking for another job. I am currently employed but am getting way to little for the skills and degrees I have, but haven't had much time before I got pregnant to look. I will not be able to work at my current job to much longer, because alot of movement is required and we work in close conditions. Will employers discriminate against me if they know im pregnant when I apply? Should I keep it a secret? I am a little over four months and am just starting to show. Also, if I should wait until after the baby to apply to other places, what should I do about work now? I cant go all those months without pay, especially if I want to take two or so weeks after the baby is born. Is there something that can help with this?


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Ilene - posted on 11/09/2010




I wouldn't hide it because if you did get hired it would be some what under false pretense. Let them know when you apply/ interview for the position. State your concerns and find out what theres might be. techniclay they cant descriminate due to pregnancy.

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Employers are not allowed to discriminate you when you are pregnant, the tough part is deciding if they are secretly doing just that or if you truly were not the right applicant for the job... However if they are not going to hire you because you're pregnant, you don't want to work there anyway because they won't be family friendly in the future either, the first year is just one dr appt after another it seems like...

are the working conditions in your current position unsafe for a pregnant person? Maybe see if they are willing to temporarily move you to another job until after the baby is born? Good luck!

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