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Anna - posted on 06/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am a single mom of an outgoing 3 yr old boy and he has starting to ask me to find him friends. Well it is difficult for me since I work full time and just started grad school but also because I am more introverted than him. It seems so hard for me to just go up to other parents in order to find playmates for my son, but he isn't able to do it on his own like he could once he is in school so I must think of something for him. Any advice?


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Susan - posted on 06/30/2010




Do you have a 'Moms Like Me' site in your area? It's a great way to meet other local moms and meet up. I was having a hard time finding moms who wanted to do weekend playdates. Most moms that I was meeting were stay at home and would do playdate on the weekdays, and would say 'we use weekends for family time'. I went on Moms Like Me and found my local site and found a mom who's son is my sons age and is also a working mom. We are best friends now, and so are our boys. Here a like to see if you have a local site

Yemisi - posted on 06/30/2010




I will advice that u can get him a play mate among the children in his school. Walk to their parents and discuss yr challenge with them, from there u get closer.

Nutan - posted on 06/29/2010




HI Anna

First of all, let me assure you this is same for almost all working moms..we dont get too much time socializing around and hence the kids also dont get to mix up and fell lonely..its kind of part of our working culture..

If you can make room for one day in week to some mom-n- toddlers group..or put him in some after school play care, he would make friends.You can once a week stretch to pick him early in order to meet other moms coming..

It will take longer, but you would mix up with a few moms( with lots of push form ur side to make a move..which is tough)..

Btw, teh libraries have a weekend poem reading, and other toddler activities.. you can walk over to your nearest and find him a regular group there..

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oragnise a play date with one of the other parents from your daycare.

or you could take him to one of those play houses or the park... he is bound to make friends just using the equipment there!

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