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I stayed home for a whole year with my son and now hes in daycare that he loves! He grabs his coat and shoes and wants to be out the door, he has such a good time! he loves all the kids and he loves the caregivers, its a home daycare that has been in buisness for 20 years so I'm happy to have found a place that my son and I both like. I work 7-3 so I dont see my son at all in the mornings. I get home about 330ish and then I do some chores around the house that I know my 19 month old gets annoyed when i try to get them done when hes home. I like to maybe make some important phones or start doing a little bit of dinner before I pick up my son from daycare. I ususally get him around 520...I've been getting the third degree from my sister. I truly dont think that it is a bad thing to do things before I get my son so when he is home he gets ALL of mommy to himself, so we can spend quality time I wrong? I have to work for a living and there are lots of other things to do from time to time that are easier when hes not around, like calling a doctor to change his asthma medication, or other simple things of life. I need a couple minutes to relax also, I am human!


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I think that you should not fret over your sister's opinion. You are entirely responsible for how your family "works" and it seems you've found a great schedule for you and your son. You're already preparing your son for the routine of school (without the pressure of remembering homework, backpack, etc) i.e. waking early, getting dressed and ready to go in a timely fashion. By allowing your son to socialize with his friends while you're getting chores and phone calls out of the way - you are able to better enjoy your son in the evening and I'm sure he appreciates having mommy full attention. No matter one's age, it's never fun to be around someone who is distracted! I'm guessing your sister means well - but she should recognize that she doesn't know what's best for you or your son...that's your job to determine and it seems you're on the right track. PS - don't ever feel guilty for taking this time for yourself; everyone should have some time to transition, relax, to check things off their to-do list, etc whether you're doing this while your child is at daycare or while your child is napping at home.

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