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Hi everyone! Between working full time, racing home from the office to be with my 4 month old son after work, making dinner, putting him to bed, and then relaxing with my husband for a few minutes at the end of the day, I don't know how or when to possibly fit a work out in. I was hoping to get one in in the morning, but my baby isn't sleeping through the night yet, so I try and sleep as long as I possibly can. I know this baby weight won't work itself off, so I wanted to see if anyone had tips on finding the time to excercise.


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My husband and I take brisk walks with our children (them in strollers of course) about 1-2 miles about 5 days a week! Gotta love the spring weather. Also, when I am home with my children I tell my kids it is exercise time and .....lay on my back like i am going to do crunches than my daughter (almost 3) and son 15 months take turns laying on their bellies on my shins and I lift them up and down, side to side, and stretching my legs out; holding them so they don't wouldn't believe the burn! (I know you can't really do that with a tiny one but when he is older you can. When they were younger I would carry them everywhere and tighten my abs etc. when I would squat to pick something up. My husband and I invested in Dance Dance Revolution and more recently the wii. I also dance with my kids holding them. Hope this helps!

Stephanie - posted on 03/18/2009




man i know what you mean, and i have a three year prepaid gym membership going to waste! when i do have time between everything i am exhausted.

But i have found that if i just make myself go i end up with MORE energy!

Its just getting there thats the hard part...

Alina - posted on 03/17/2009




WOW!! This has been one of my biggest struggles as well. I have a spinning bike @ home and I get up @ 5 am and fit a 45 min session in every morning. It has been the hardest. I could take my baby to the gym but I just don't feel comfortable doing that yet. She's only 3 months and it's winter time so there are so many colds going around I just don't want to expose her to that yet. I hope to take good long walks with her as soon as the weather gets better. Although my baby is a great all night sleeper. So I would suggest getting that under control first and then fitting in a morning work out. You get better results that time of the day and that way you have gotten it out of the way. Good luck!

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It is so hard finding the time and I feel guilty about going! I was so used to going 5-6 days a week for 2-3 hours at a time and now I can barely make it! But anyway I just found a great gym where I can bring my baby and the owner offered his office for her to use while I am working out. So I figure while she is sleeping I can get in my weight training and try to get my cardio in the mornings when she goes back to sleep. It leaves me less time for myself to get sleep but I know it will be worth it for her in the long run and for me to be healthier. Oh and the days I won't bring her to the gym w/ me she goes w/ her daddy to our friends house to hang, that way she is out and about! Once it is nice, I'll take her to the park or out w/ me on my morning runs in her stroller.

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I am finding fitting in 20 minute sessions once or twice a day has been the only way to excersize and get it all done.  I feel your pain; it is NOT coming off like I had planned...

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I try to add extra walking in my daily routine.  I take the steps at work when possible.  I park farther from the door at work, and at the grocery store.  My daughters are 4 and 2, so I put on some music and we dance in the living room.  I had an exercise bike in the house and rode it 2 times in a year.  I found that just trying to walk a little more every day has helped. 

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Actually, what I did was made few changes that have worked greatly!! Im not sure on your finances but what we did was we traded some old furniture for an ab lounge and one of those iron-gym things to go along with the free weights we already had. I also had one of those "walk away the pounds" videos. ( U see I live in an apt. complex and upsatirs so I dont want to be Tae-bo'ing all over the place on top of the people downstairs,lol) The shorter one-mile walk is around 20 minutes or so and I found that if I dod that at night I was okay. And getting up 20 min. ealrier in the morning wasnt that bad either. Or if I had more time I did the 2 mile walk instead. If the little ones were fussy I could hold them and walk at the same time and built up my arms at the same time. I hit the ab lounge after walking and do some squats and such for the legs and wah-lah, in 30 minutes i am done and feel better. Hope this helps.

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