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can anybody tell me how i can balance being a full-time mom and boss at work, lso be able to
keep up on the house work and not get frustrated and take it out on the, ones you love the most
i feel over welmed and like im exausted and cant do it . please help give me some advice also wanting to know how i can implement potty training in that mix on my 2yr old son Anker


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Ashley - posted on 01/24/2010




A girlfriend of mine and her hubby cook a lot of meat on the grill on Sundays. Then they save this meat and eat it all through the week. That way all they have to do is fix some side items.
As for the housework...I do laundry in the morning while I get ready and fold/put away before I go to bed. Also, I wash dishes as I can or get my husband to watch our 8 month old while I finish the dishes. I agree with Robyn though about taking a day out of a weekend to get caught up on everything. I hired my aunt to come over once per month to clean my house really good. This allowed me to catch up as the days went on and not be so far behind. I'd say to prioritize what actually needs to be cleaned up and try to fit that in when you can. The other stuff can wait. Since you have a two year old, make a game of it and get him to help you dust or something and he'll be entertained and you can maybe get some basic cleaning stuff done in the same room.
For potty training....a friend of mine gives her grandson a dime for his piggy bank each time he says he has to go potty and then does it. There are also rewards like watching a movie, etc that she gives him each time he doesn't potty in his pants or tells someone. Rewards for pooping are bigger...haha.

Purvi - posted on 01/24/2010




hi,i can really relate to what u r saying. i am boss at work and a mom at home, the only suggestion i have is to get into some relaxation routine right int he morning, like a stroll or 5 minutes of meditation or something that suits you and not feel guilty about working or not spending enough time with your kid. I have 3.5 yr old and i started working when he ws 1.5. things do eventually fall into place but wats important is to keep your cool. 5 minutes of deep breathing works for me, i hope this helps.

Ashley - posted on 01/22/2010




O my you are busy my sugestion if possible dont mix the catagories leave work at work may be hard if u get called a lot, make a time for house work prob after child goes to sleep and when u get home just spend a few hours with your child u will feel better because u can devote your time simply to your child. I would pre make as meny dinners as u can on weekends and freeze them so all u have to do is through them in the oven. House work sucks time can u afford a house cleaner once a week it would give u more time. Dont forget about your time leave the dishes and read a book your batteries need to recharge good luck

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All you can do is take it one day at a time. If you are able to afford one day every second weekend to put your son into childcare or to have a playdate with someone else, this gives you a WHOLE DAY to organise things on a permanant basis each fortnight, to catch up on house work, play bingo (!!!!) have a working bee with friends for lunch, taking turns, or even just to sleep. Its bloody hard I know I have a 1.25yo daughter and a 2.5yo son. I am a full time Australian soldier, serving in Afghanistan for 6 months, and now my husband has to look after our babies, and my god, he is doing it really tough, and so am I. At least you are with your kids daily. They grow up real quick, so try to enjoy it. A special potty board on the wall, with hourly visits and fun rewards can help with potty training, but as a working mum, it only gives you the chance at night and on days off,. My sister called it toilet timing, not training, because they will do it when they are ready. Potty books help them to understand, and getting a male to take them outside to pee on a tree together can be a good male bond, and helps the child realise to tell someone when he needs to go. Try not to use sweets as a reward, as this forms a bad pattern. Hope this helps!! Best of luck, Robyn.

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