Full time Commuting/Working Mom in need of encoragement and helpful advice.

Nicole - posted on 09/11/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm in a bit of a stressful situation. About a year and a half ago, my husband, and I bought a house about 100 miles from where we grew up and where all our family is. Our plan was to get jobs fairly close to home (he's retail and can transfer, I'm child care and that's everywhere). Long story short, my husband was not able to get the transfer so he's how commuting 1.5hrs to work 10 hr days and I found child care jobs that would hire me, but at half the pay. (I was expecting a cut, but not that much). So my old job took me back but now here's our situation: On Sunday evening, I drive 2 hrs to my in-laws with my 3 yr old daughter and my 3 month old daughter(yeah, the 3 month old just happens to hate being in the car seat so it makes the drive Oh so much fun). I work Mon-Thurs while my in-laws watch the girls (i'm trying to get my 3 yr old in to a preschool/child care 2 AM's a week to give my in-laws a break and to get her around children her age). Thursday after work, my in-laws drive my girls to my work and we then drive 3 hrs home in traffic. I get Fri, Sat, Sunday at home frantically unpacking, washing, paying bills, repacking for the next week and trying to have some good quality time with the girls while not letting the house fall apart. My job, although child care, is extremely demanding and requires a lot of time.
I'd also like to go back to school to get my AA, which on top of everything else, seems near impossible. I have a supportive Husband and family, and I'm staying pretty sane though all this, but I'm sooo stressed out. Encouragement or Advice anyone? :o)


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Cheri - posted on 09/15/2009




Hi Nicole,

You're doing great! Your family sounds adorable and worth all the traveling to keep things together. I'm proud of you! Keep in mind this frantic stuff doesn't last forever, and is always easier with a supportive husband! You rock!

God bless you and your family,


Wendy - posted on 09/12/2009




Have you ever given serious thought to work from home; have your own business? I have a home business and it's working out great. No selling, No parties, No inventory, just helping families.

LMK if you would like to take a look. This may be the right time to do it!


Rose-Marie - posted on 09/11/2009




Hi there! Can u continue to search 4 a job closer tom home? Try getting the 3yr old a toy of her choice or a tv installed into the car so they can watch while u r driving.Who get home first and can do the laundry or take them to ur in laws.Can u not camp out at ur in laws for work days then go home on ur days off? let me know thinking of more options 4 u. all the best u need to destress.Don't think about school right now.allow time for the kids to grow to be 2 and four.get things settled first.

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