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Diya - posted on 04/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter, Tarini used to be a very good eater. She still eats a variety of food, and when in the mood eats a good quantity too, but she needs a lot of coaxing and takes unbelievably long to get the food in. How can I change/ improve this?


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Lynette - posted on 04/05/2010




I have two girls one who is so fussy it is unbelievable and the other that will eat anything in site if i let her. The trick to remember is what i found if you make such a big deal about it then they will learn to make an even bigger deal about it. I found putting the food in front of her and saying your choice if you eat or not. I never mentioned anything about pudding as i know she will not eat her main food because she was getting a pudding. Now i find involving her in cooking and chosing the food when she is in the right frame of mind works. She still takes awhile to eat but she does and some days she will go hungry, though her own choice but I refusse to fill her up on sweet and chocolate. I really do believe that the more empathsis you put on the food situation the harder things will be for you both. My daughter is 7 yrs old and I have learnt to live with her little habbits in relation to food, i dont think she is ever going to be a big eater but i also know she will not die though maluntration (Spelling bad sorry). I'm sure your daughter will be fine but i can also understand how much distress/ worry this causes you.

Cassie - posted on 04/05/2010




i know its not always easy, my wee lad became fussy at 1yrs old, i had him choosing pizza toppings and making his own pizza's, it made food fun and now he helps alot in the kitchen ( nothing cooker orientated) he makes good bread crumbs and loves trying to beat eggs, its incrdeibly messy but being more hands on in the preperation of his food he seems to eat everything and anything now.

Adhrua - posted on 04/04/2010




Dear Diya,
I know how you feel, my son is the same he eats healthy food and loves fruits but he is moody and takes very long to eat ...I just stay at it ...sometimes I tell him how kids end up in hospitals if they don't eat well ...but nothing really works ....so I jut enjoy this bit soon he would be all grown up and I won't really have to feed him ....


Charity - posted on 04/04/2010




I know my oldest son went through many changes in his eating. Although I was discouraged, I know he was never starving nor loosing weight due to his changes. There are times I would put less on his plate so if he wanted more he would get more. He also was very touchy about his food touching or mixed together so at times I would have to fix foods seperately for him. He eventually grew out of it and eats in a timely manner and is no longer picky. I just continued to encourage to try foods as well make sure I made time for him to it (in that slower paced) time.

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