Going Back To Work Stressful? vent

Rita M. - posted on 11/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm pretty sure it, but I guess it would also depend on the work, help you get, age of kids, and how understanding/helpful your partner is.
My daughter is 1 month old, and this is my second month in Maternity Leave, now in my job I'm allowed a third month, and I want to take it because I still can't leave her and not start getting anxious as the time flies, how will I manage at work?? Even if it is a part time. I breastfeed but thankfully my Aunt got a friend to lend me her Medela.
Heres another problem...we are tight for money, and my boyfriend has been living with us, and his job totally sucks and no one is really hireing at full time, he has many depts to take care of, and it makes him feel like a good for nothing father, it depresses him that he can't even buy his daughter pampers, soon the water/light bills will be coming and my Mom expects him to help pay...problem is he has nothing! nada! zip! zero! He wishes I wouldn't take the month since I would be working everyday, and I want to help him more than anything, yet he doesnt really understand what it is I'm going through, just like he didn't understand (and I quote:) "Why the F**k are you depressed!!" during my post partum depression.
.I want more than anything to help him since he has helped me a lot, even though he doesnt understand my feelings and mood swings (reason why I searched and found Circle of Moms :D)
His stress is all financial, but to top it all, he hasn't been able to finish collage, for many reasons, including not going to help me with our newborn. Because of that employers wont give him a job. He and I are both in the Culinary Arts industry, many places give chances to students, and he is still a student, but they just won't take him. Another thing depressing him is that TWICE already, he applies for a job, they call, they interview him, everything seems fine, they keep calling preparing him to prepare his papers and just like that, they stop calling. First time was with the office that also controls where I work, of course I didn't tell them he was my spause when refering him, before I knew it a knew worker was next to me, as the days passed I finally got the courage to ask him what he studied, and he said Accounting.....what was he doing in a kitchen? chopping salads? He did everything around the same time as my guy, and he was chosen. And the other happend a few days ago, he applied to a kitchen in a hotel and so did a friend who just graduated high school, first year in collage, both put in their resume at the same time, a day later they called her up, interview and now she has a job in the kitchen, what does she major in? PSYCOLOGY!! And they havn't called him. It's very frustrating and annoying, now he is appling to anything to see if they call him up, and nada still.
Any Mom's who went through something like this have any sudjestions or advice? I'm willing to take any and every advice anyone can give me.


Tiffany - posted on 11/10/2010




I have three kids and when I had each of them I did not want to have to go back to work. I hated the thought of leaving them. I struggle and looked for ways I could work from home with no success. I now have a part time job that I do from home that I WISH I new about when I had my third baby. So now I try and help other moms that need the money but do not want to leave the house to go to work. I just hate how so many scams are out their. Unfortunalty I have fallen into a few and have wasted money and time in my desparate attempts to be a work from home mom. So now I do my research on EVERYTHING.

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