Good nutrition from the Full-Time employed mom for the toddler?

Courtney - posted on 02/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




So, I work every husband has lost his job and is lost in the kitchen!! I don't want to feed my 18 month old McDonalds or Kraft Mac and Cheese, but when I get home from work, I am so tired that I have the energy to play with her or cook a nutritious dinner for her...but not both! What do I do? I know that McD's won't kill her, but I was always a chubby kid and teased and I don't want her to go through that!! I want her to eat healthy and currently she does...for the most part. I feed her canned veggies (no salt added) and canned fruit (in 100% juice, no syrups) maybe chicken fingers cooked in the micro or oven, yogurt/cheeses, fresh fruits when in season, fresh veggies (when I have time), Chef Boyardi Ravioli with meat, and others. Now I guess my question is am I being too hard on myself and setting unrealistic goals? Should I be able to be the "Super-Mom" and just "suck it up"? Is her nutrition that bad? I mean she doesn't really eat anything that is high in bad stuff (High Fructose Corn Syrup, sugars, sodium, etc) She eats lots of eggs, oatmeal, wheat bread, etc. I am just being an over-analysing mom? HELP!!!


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Jena - posted on 02/05/2009




I can relate! When my husband and I got married I started gaining weight and then I gained weight with my baby and am still trying to lose it all. I don't eat the best and am really trying to work on it! My daughter is 7 months old, so she is still mostly eating bottles of formula with some solids. I am afraid that when she starts eating foods I am not going to have the time/energy to cook a decent meal for everyone to eat! Right now when I get home from work, I just focus on playing/feeding my baby and just put something, anything together to eat.

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I know how you feel I felt the same way overwhelmed...I have 3 girls...It can be really tough to balance everything..I was overweight myself as a child and as an adult,t was hard..I have found these amazing nutrtion products that are so easy and has changed our entire family. I have lost 80lbs,myhusband 50 and my kids are super healthy now..I have energy to play with them..and be the mom I wanted to be...Let me know if you would like more info...


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I keep a few bags of frozen veggies in the freezer. Also, I buy meat and freeze it in baby-sized portions. When we get home, I throw one of the pieces of meat into the microwave to defrost it- then put it on the stove to cook. While that's cooking, I heat up veggies in the microwave. This whole time, she and I are running around the house playing. When dinner's cooked, I sit her in the highchair with either her drink, or a handful of cheerios, then I cut up the food to her bite sizes. Hope this helps.

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I totally understand where you are coming from and if it's unrealistic to think that your husband won't be in the kitchen (learning) anytime soon, stop being so hard on yourself. You only have to ask yourself two things. 1. Is your baby sick all the time? If no, then I highly doubt her/his health is at risk from what your currently feeding him/her. and 2.Is your baby happy? If yes, you have to let go of the "Super-Mum" thing and relax. Enjoy what time you have with them cause they grow up fast! My little one isn't as old as yours but he's starting to want to help. If you don't have time to play and feed, do both at the same time. I'm sure they appreciate anytime you spend with them. Doesn't really matter what your doing as long as your paying attention to them.

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