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I have a 3 year old son and a 10 week daughter....does anyone deal with grandparents that have a "they will be fine" attitude and don't really understand that kids need things like naps and don't respect the fact that we don't give soda to our son? Those were just two examples =) I know its been over 30 years since they have had little ones, but come on....

How do I handle it without coming off like a overprotetive mom?


Monica - posted on 07/10/2009




Well I think the first thing you need to ask yourself this really such a big deal? It might be if they spend all day everyday with grandparents while you work. If they only see them every so often, it may not be a battle worth fighting.

However, should you really feel like this is a big deal worth a fight over, then the first thing I would do is sit down with the parents and explain to them what you want and why you want it. And then remember that you can't make them do anything, you can only control what you do. Should they continue in their ways, then you can restrict visits to your house where you can control what is available to your children. Or only allow visits where you are also present to control things. Just know that you will risk offending the grandparents and creating family strife, so just be sure it is worth it.

good luck.

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i think that in any grandparents eyes they want to do everything in their power to spoil the heck out of them. i guess take it with a grain of salt, and just let them know that you like to keep them on a schedule and until they are much older soda and junk food are out of the question. just make it known that you are their parents and not vise versa.


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I have to agree with Monica. My in-laws did things I asked them not to. Sure I was annoyed at the time but in the long run, my kids aren't tramatized for life. They have great memories of grandma and grandpa. You do what you believe is best for all concerned - but give real thought to which battles you choose to take on.

Jessica - posted on 07/10/2009




I know what you mean, there are two other sets of g-parents that don't show any interest - I guess it's tough all the way around =)

Helen - posted on 07/10/2009




i wish i had this problem. my sons grandparents couldn't give a crap about him and show no interest at all. they never visit even though they are only 5 min away!!!

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