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I work three days in the office and two days at home, and find it so hard to keep up with everyday life. Any tips on how you make it work?


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My saving grace was when I finally enrolled my youngest toddler in daycare two days per week. I work 2-3 days in a medical office and 2-3 days at home. I also teach part-time so I sometimes have evening and weekend work to do. My DH works overseas 5 weeks and then is home for 5 weeks, so while he's gone I do it all as a single parent. Most days I could easily lose my mind. The one constant is that on Tues and Thurs DS goes to daycare - whether I'm home or in the office, whether DH is home or not. It's the only thing that keeps us on some kind of "schedule". My older 2 kids -age 8 and 11- are in school, so I try to be available by the time they get home each day. I've had to let a lot of things go, which is not easy with DH being OCD neat freak. So, I have boxes of pictures that have never made it into albums, lots of dust bunnies under the beds, and cold cereal counts as dinner quite often (at least while DH is gone and I can get away with it).

One of the problems I find with working at home is that it's too easy to continue working into the evenings - work is right there staring at me 24/7. Lately I've disciplined myself to put it all aside by dinner time and not look at it in the evenings. It's made a big difference in my ability to juggle it all.

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