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Jenniffer - posted on 09/22/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




ok i am working and my job is great i work in the office of a local catering company. The boss is great to me. her son and my daughter go to school togeather so when there is no school we dont work when its a 1/2 day i go home when they do. Ijust am having such a hard time going to work when my kids are in school. Silly isnt it. I use to not work and all i wanted to do was goto work do somthing for me. Now I want to be at the school helpping. My son is having such a hard time and i just want to be there help him through the day kow whats going stick up for him I want to be his mom and being at work I dontknow whats going on I dont even get notes home saying he was in trouble he hit some he threw a fight. so here I sit at work very thankfull to my boss for letting me be here yet all i want to do is go be the PTA mom that i said I didnt want to be


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Jen - posted on 09/27/2009




Seems to me that you worry too much, sometimes you just have to let go a bit and let him grow up and let him be himself. If there is something going on in school, teacher will send you a note. You can also write a note to the teacher and make sure that he is doing alright in the class. I had the same feeling the first year my son went to school. I just kept telling myself that he is fine. Once in a while I still write a note to the teacher making sure he is doing ok. Also, I visited the class unannounce just to see him adapting his new environment.

Gail - posted on 09/27/2009




Hi jennifer, i agree it sounds like your doing a great job. My wee one is only 4mths old and altho ive only been at work for 6wks i too often feel that i shouldnt be working, incase he needs me, something happens etc. But then i remind myself(sometimes quite often thru the day) that i can always contact him, find out whats happening and i've now been getting a lunch time call to put my mind at ease. My carer is my mum by the way and i still worry like crazy so i guess its completely normal to worry. But we all do our best and thats all you can do.

Jenette - posted on 09/22/2009




sounds like you are a great mom for a start. don't feel down that you are not "there." you can probably ask the homeroom teacher for weekly updates by email or a short phone call. you can also sign up to volunteer for some school events like santa shop maybe. that way, you are still part of the kids activities.

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